Bands I've seen live... NHATTTTTT


26. Jan. 2007, 5:03

I could post a really long list, but Instead I think I'll just highlight the two best shows in the history of shows.

1. Gorilla Biscuits reunion tour. August 30th 2006. With tradition, Righteous Jams, and Comeback Kid. A lot of people came for Comeback kid, and those people were stupid. Gorilla Biscuits played an hour long set, playing everything good ever, including Degradation, First Failure, Biscuit Power, and a Project X cover (Dance Floor Justice). Oh yeah, and Righteous Jams was good too. I also managed to somehow snag one of those tour only 7"s that happened to include what has become one of my favorite GB songs ever: At The Matinee.

2. Broken Social Scene. October 22nd. With Do Make Say Think. I had never even heard of Do Make Say Think before that show. When they played, I was astounded. The had a very odd western-y twang to their songs that made them sound more like Explosions in the Sky, who are easily on my top 5 favorite bands ever list. Broken Social Scene still managed to steal the night though, and chills ran down my spine when I heard the liver versions of Kc Accidental, 7/4ths Shoreline, and Anthems For a 17 Year Old Girl. But I was most astounded when they blew me away with the FAST version of Major Label Debut. I think I literally swooned when they played that.

Well, that about wraps everything up. I mean, I guess seeing Know The Score play with Expired Youth and Few and the Proud was pretty spectacular. Oh, and finally seeing NOFX at Warped was pretty sweet too.

Okay, I'm done now.


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