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Counting CrowsRain King 7. Aug. 2010
30 Seconds to MarsKings and Queens 7. Aug. 2010
Josh KelleyEverybody Wants You 7. Aug. 2010
Goo Goo DollsSlide 7. Aug. 2010
EdentownWho Are You 22. Jul. 2010
EdentownSomethings Wrong 22. Jul. 2010
Tabitha's Secret3AM 13. Jul. 2010
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Über mich

With sell out shows up and down the country, airtime, Stuart being voted the most creative "busker" in Belfast and a one year extension added on their residency in Mchughs; Edentown have had a fantastic first year.

That was 2009.. This is 2010.. The year of the BEAR.

Edentown's debut EP "Watch Out For The Bear" is on its way and the boys are on a quest to capture the ears of every music fan in the country.. If you were lucky enough to see them last year you would agree that Edentown put a great emphasis on the quality of their live sound and as a result leave every audience calling out for more.

Edentown have just secured a spot on BalconyTV on the 11th of February (tune in) and have confirmed the first Sunday of each month in Mchughs for the rest of the year. So come along, bring your freinds, chat to us on facebook and remember.. Watch Out For The Bear!!