My ultimate favorite


18. Jun. 2008, 16:18

If I were asked to mention my all-time favorite track, I would say Hybrid - Finished Symphony. I chose it simply because it is sublime despite the fact that it doesn’t appear at the top spot of my overall top chart list.

This track still gives me shivers down my spine every time I listen to it. It's so amazing, how a nice orchestral melody can be beautifully mixed together with some electronic beats. I often find myself completely lost into it, unconsciously moving my head to the beat, jammin' in my seat, and experienced the mental state of being hypnotized every time it's played. There aren't really words to express what this experience was like!

Also I found the fact that it actually is a remix of the song “Symphony”, which was also created by Hybrid a few years prior to Wide Angle. And recently I found the live version of this track, it's in Wider Angle (disc 2: Live Angle) and seriously, it astonishes me even more. Hands down to Hybrid, the artist behind this amazing track. Pure genius!!

Now, I'll leave you with this classic beauty. Enjoy!


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