Anodyne Hi-Fi remastered and reissued


11. Nov. 2010, 22:34

The Clutter remastering programme carries on with a re-issued, remastered version of Anodyne Hi-Fi (Remastered). With brand new sleeve design and a bonus track as well as being avaiable on CDr and in Hi-Fi download for the first time.

It is available at Bandcamp for £4 for the CDr version (which comes in hand assembled cover printed on photo paper & free digital version) or £3 for the digital version.

Tracks 1-9 were on the original release of Anodyne Hi-Fi and are remastered for this version

Track 10 is a demo from working files for the album.

‘This album works brilliantly as a complete piece. Its rare to get a full album that blends so well from the outset through to the conclusion. The dub elements and fat relaxed beats punctuate a richly textured bed of sound. And what a comfy bed it is! Clutter's trademark blend of found sound, obtuse vocal samples and strange/beautiful electronics guide you through the entire album, I challenge you to start listening to anodyne Hi fi and not see it through to the very end! Great Stuff. ‘ - Anodyne Hi-Fi review on EARLabs

Also available to buy from the Clutter Bandcamp store:
Yellow Light Discarded
The Resting Bench (Remastered)
Shopping In A Shipyard Town (Remastered)
Vague Recollections On Lost Highway (Remastered)
Clutter music is also available at itunes, Amazon, Spotify and all good digital distributors, if you prefer these outlets.

For more information about releases and other Clutter activity visit Clutter Music - The Home of Clutter


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