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Mr. ComplexI Don't Know Either Gestern um 00:02
Mr. ComplexI Don't Know Either Gestern um 00:02
KRS-OneThe MC Lieblingslied Gestern um 23:59
GlitchLeaving Marks Gestern um 23:54
Mr. LifEarthcrusher Gestern um 23:50
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Über mich

Charles Smith AKA ‘The Earthman’ was given a sampler before his umbilical was cut.

Sampling anything from old soul, TV shows and films to the dripping of his bathroom tap. He’s studied the Hip hop genre inside out from the 80’s to the present day, from the east and west US to UK shores, from Japanese instrumentals to Australian outback rappers.

His influences certainly don’t stop at Hip hop, whether it be old school jungle and hardcore or an array of live acts.

Charles says “I’m old school at heart” but when experiencing his music you can tell he embraces the modern.

Charles knows his instrument inside out, using every piece of software and hardware he can get his hands on, one track will never sound the same as the last.

His experience as a radio producer, sound engineer and music teacher only fuel his bloodthirsty creative drive.


I was born in South London UK I have a keen interest in writing poetry and Hip Hop production.

In the future my aim is to know more about the music industry, performing arts, music technology and staging live events.

A Quotation:

Visualize someone you feel very close to particularly someone who is suffering and in pain.

As you breathe in imagine you take all theyre suffering and pain with compassion and as you breathe out send your warmth, healing, love, joy and happiness streaming out to them.

Now gradually widen the circle of your compassion to embrace first other people to whom you also feel very close then to those about whom you feel indifferent then to those whom you dislike or have difficulty with then even to those whom you feel are actively monstrous and cruel.

Allow your compassion to become universal and to enfold in its embrace all sentient beings and all beings in fact without any exception.

(This was written primarily for those who understand that more can be accomplished by working with people than over or under them)

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