Foo Fighters / Hard-Ons / Murderdolls 2003 - concert review


12. Mai. 2010, 7:30

Sat 1 Feb – Foo Fighters, Murderdolls, Hard-Ons

I wrote this back in 2003 the day after the concert...! Since I was 22 then, and I'm 29 now, not all opinions expressed below may be the same today!


[Firstly, check out that date!! 01-02-03! That is groovy dude! :P]

Well it's over - the Foo Fighters concert - and all I'm left with are memories and...the entire concert recorded beautifully on minidisc (no photos)!! Yay for me! *g*

Anyway, let me go into a bit more detail about the magical evening.

It took place at the Belvoir Amphitheatre, which is a fair distance from my own home. I got to the parking spot in the field and parked. Then I waited, along with a bunch of others. I listened to people talking, and drank my icy water (which I later found out I couldn't take in since it was unsealed; I should've known I guess, had so much experience with that kind of rule at rock concerts) and wished the sun would go down. Eventually it did and we began to line up in earnest. At this point I was surprised by how few people had arrived.

The gates opened at 6:30 or so, while they were meant to open at 7:00 according to my ticket, and at 6:00 according to some other people's theories, and people ran for their spots at the front of the pit - something I used to do when I was "younger" *lol* - and I strolled casually over to the amphitheatre and made my slow and careful way down (old-aged patron that I am) and got a nice spot one level above the bottom level. It was very odd because for at least half an hour the few who had gone straight to the mosh pit were alone there, and they looked kinda stupid because they had rushed there so quickly but now realised they had heaps of time. But anyway...*ahem*

The amphitheatre is a very impressive structure, and I'd have to show you a photo of it to let you know what it is like exactly. Let's just say it's multi-tiered and nice and grassy, and down the bottom & at the back is the stage. The food and drink stalls (and merchandise stalls) are up the top on flat grassy areas. The water bottles (small ones) cost $4 each. No wonder they don't want people bringing their own!! The pizzas (about 25 cm in diameter at the most) were $12 each. Total rip-off, but oh well, it's a special occasion.

So we waited and waited, and about probably 7:40 pm the first support act came on. Anybody know anything about Murderdolls? I heard outside in the line that they were "like Slipknot", but I can assure you they aren't. I can't say I enjoyed them very much (while I absolutely loved going to Slipknot), but they were definitely entertaining. I had a great time watching them. They constantly made me laugh. Their songs have titles like Slit My Wrists, Love At First Fright, She Was A Teenage Zombie, I Like To Say 'Fuck', and so on. They're so hilarious on stage when they start doing the chugga-chugga heavy metal riffs, where their instruments are all sounding in unison, because they all swing their long, at-times-dread-locked hair around. I would describe them as a strange mixture of nu-metal, 80s hair metal and...and something else *Lol* I can't really describe them but they are not like Slipknot, whether you take that as a good or a bad thing.

As Joey Jordison (also from Slipknot, but anyway...*lol*) said about his band (he's a guitarist in it): "It's catchier, more easily digestible, and has that fun factor to it, and there's nothing wrong with that, because everything can't be so heavy and depressed all the time [as Slipknot, that is]." In other words, Murderdolls ARE meant to be fun. To me they're just a bit stupid, and very amusing, and if they were being serious they would be VERY fucking stupid, but anyway... When the lead vocalist announced that they were gonna play "Slit My Wriiiiiisssts" (he used the growly I'm-a-dead-person-and-I-mean-that-literally voice even to speak), the woman next to me (she was there with her hubby/partner) said, "Oh, nice!" sarcastically. They were about 30 yrs old I think. At one point they told me that their 5-year-old daughter was a huge Foo Fighters fan, which was why they bought her one of those little girly tee shirts with the FF heart on it. How cute!! But I think while listening to Murderdolls the woman must've been thankful she didn't bring her daughter, who had desperately wanted to come to the concert *Lol*

So anyway, those two were very happy when this set finished, and next were Hard-Ons, who were more tolerable than the first act but still, to me at least, nothing compared to what I knew was coming. I was wondering if they'd play Girl In A Sweater or whatever it is, and for all I know they may have, but I wouldn't have recognised it because I don't really know it that well. :P But anyway, the bassist is kinda hot *slurps* Hotter than James Iha at least. Of course I had to make that comparison... In short, the Hard-Ons were entertaining and I'm glad I saw them play! Their music was more enjoyable for me at least than the Murderdolls'. But remember, I am not entirely slagging the latter off - I appreciated them for what they could offer me - a hearty ole laugh and a dash of amazement.

But in any case, neeeext was the moment many of us had been eagerly awaiting. When Dave Grohl walked on stage I immediately pressed record on the minidisk and got the microphone out. I didn't know at any point during the concert whether it was working or not, but I just decided to hope that it was. By this time my camera had stopped working - I'd changed the film and the new film wasn't working for some reason - so I was relying solely on the minidisc to be my reminder of the evening (before I forget to mention it, I bought an FF t-shirt for myself earlier, and it's really nice!!).

So anyway, the atmosphere was incredible I can tell you! Everybody was so excited about hearing the FF songs played so brilliantly and beautifully and wonderfully! Honestly, this is one of the best bands you can hear live. You can really hear the tune in the songs; nice full shimmery guitars with a lot of power, nice bass - and Nate is one of the best bassists out there in my opinion; very nimble-fingered *lol* - and of course the tell-tale Dave Grohl vocals (he was never so "guttural" in the Nirvana days, and he still has that soft pretty Dave thing going on at times; I think he's got the best of both). I think the backing vocals from Chris could've been a tad louder, but I guess Dave didn't want the spotlight off him too much hehe. And of course there's the theatrical drummer Taylor, who's definitely good in the sense that he's very energetic and fast - and nimble, like our Nate. It looks like this may be the solid band member line-up for the band, after quite a few member changes over the years. Chris has been with the band for some time now, hasn't he?

I must admit that I still love the original line-up, with Pat and Will Goldsmith, but I can live with the newbies ;P Anyway, that leads me into one thing that utterly disappointed me. They didn't play ANY songs from the first album (Foo Fighters!! At least I can't remember them doing so. I am so disappointed! What is wrong with them!? That was a great album, even if Dave did play every single instrument throughout it - it's still Foo Fighters!! But anyway...*lol*

I was also annoyed because I had to change discs just as Everlong came on (and fuck that was an amazing rendition of that awesome song!) and so I missed the first bit of it :( So very sad about that. But the rest of the concert is beautifully recorded. I'm going to organise to convert it to mp3s and then make it available online...

Anyway, the concert ended (with Dave having said that he totally loved the venue, and also being tackled by a girl who had got up on stage - the security guards dragged her off him as he was starting to play Break Out, their last song of the gig, and he complained that he'd been "having a moment!" He said that he'd never been tackled by a girl on stage before. But anyway, they finished and it was kinda sad because it was all over, but now it was time to get myself back home. I finally got on the road again at about 11:20 pm, after witnessing some very "carefree" driving from other concert-goers - it's odd because when a lot of people are driving around on a big field it seems to me that all rules go out the window and they have some fun swerving around other cars and not indicating and driving on "footpath" area - even though there was no footpath on this particular road.

But anyway, I got home at about 12:10 am and immediately listened to the minidisc to make sure it'd worked. I was happy to find it had, and it sounds so great I can tell you! Pretty much CD-quality! Then I had a shower, and boy did I need one - people can be so gross when they've just come out of the mosh pit, and I don't mean me; I didn't go in at all *lol* For once.

Anyway, I have some great memories and I can tell you that the band did not disappoint. I can also tell you I have to go up there again in 2 months' time for Silverchair, and I am sooooo excited about that! It's going to be fucking incredible. They're doing a 2-set show, one set with quieter songs and one with heavy rockers! Wooooohoooo!!!!!!!!! So taking the minidisc to that *Lol*

I think that's all I have to say for now!
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