Oh! The happiness!


6. Apr. 2006, 5:41

This whole album is adorable. It makes me dance around my living room. Not much musically has made me do that lately. I first saw them live, and I had a feeling it wasn't just the beer talking.

I Can't Fall in Love
The Guns from Here

My two favorite songs: go at it.
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  • jebz

    I just listened to the Last.FM samples and like what I hear... checking them out as I type :) PS nerdy Last.FM tip. Couldn't resist :) If you add artist names to your journal entries (I throw in a lot of this sounds like...) - your comments expando maximus. Not for the satisfaction of getting lots of comments, but for knowing that you've introduced the music you're passionate about to as many people as possible :D I get the impression you're pretty passionate about the music you like, so hope you take this tip in the manner intended :o)

    2. Mai. 2006, 10:17
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