New free single on EardrumsPop, - Laura K


12. Sep. 2011, 17:01

Dear listeners,

EardrumsPop have a new release in the free digital single-series and this one is from the Australian-born/London-based artistLaura K. Three tracks of her very melodic indiepop style with sweet vocals, ukulele, glockenspiel and some occasional electronics. The first two tracks are written by her and the third song is a lovely cover version of Real Estate's "Beach Comber". Laura is also a member of the UK indiepop band Tigercats and more details about her can be found further down in this email.

You can download and stream the full release from here:

The cover-art is made by London based illustrator Sarah Lippett who has also done cover art for Los Campesinos! and various illustrations for the The Guardian, The New York Times and other publications.


23 year old Laura K wrote her first song when she was 8, and learned to play piano 3 years earlier. Today, she writes lots of poppy songs and plays several instruments: keyboard, ukulele, glockenspiel and melodica, whilst also singing with her lovely voice. Her songs tell tales of love, life and heart break, yet she somehow manages to do it in an uplifting and amusing way. She used to live in Brisbane, where she played in bands like Roman History and Little Scout, but is now based in London. In addition to making sweet songs on her own, she also plays keyboards and sings backing vocals in Tigercats. She says that the coolest thing that's ever happened to her was meeting Jarvis Cocker backstage at Leeds Festival, where he put her on the guest list for one of Pulp's sold out shows at Brixton Academy. So, now you know Laura K. Maybe you should listen to her music?

The EardrumsPop-team,
Stefan, Tim & Knut


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