A new, free EardrumsPop compilation ready for release next week


9. Apr. 2010, 10:00

Happy Friday, friends!
I just thought I should mention some good things that are happening over at our netlabel EardrumsPop these days. We are preparing our new free compilation "Between Two Waves" for release, and we hope to be able to give it to you during next week. I can not be more exact, sorry. There are still loose threads and lots to do, and my guess is that everything will be finished either ON the day we release it or late the day before.

So, the short facts:

- it is a collaboration-based compilation. All songs are made by artists collaborating with other artists, often with a new project-name.
- 3 volumes, 40 songs, and all except 2 songs were made especially for this compilation.
- Beautiful cover art x 3! Two of the covers are made by illustrators collaborating with other illustrators, layer by layer.
- Beautiful digital booklet, this time made by Julia Pax, a German illustrator. The booklet includes artist biographies + cartoons + poems.
- style: "warm and melodic", - or in common terms, some indiepop/indie/pop, some folk pop, some electronica.
- It's good!
- It's free. If you like it, you can "pay" by spreading the word around. We like words, not money.

Two free songs from the compilation are already available, and you can download them from here: http://www.eardrumspop.com/mp3s/
These songs are from
Baffin Island - a collaboration between The Hermit Crabs and The Very Most - really nice song with Spector-sound
Jacob Borshard and Helena Sundin (Cake on Cake) ( Cake on Cake from Sweden meets Jacob Borshard from USA in boy/girl harmonies)

The songs above are free for you to share, play on your netradio, podcast, blog etc, (creative commons) and we will be very happy if you do share them and play them. Please help us spread the word about this!

AND! Almost forgot,,, We are finally on FACEBOOK, so please join us there! The address is http://www.facebook.com/EardrumsPop, and our website has a new look: http://www.eardrumspop.com

Hope you will like the songs!

Enjoy your weekend!

Knut (and the EardrumsPop-team Stefan, Leena and Tim)


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