Shuffle Your Life


18. Nov. 2006, 20:47


Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle.
Say the following questions aloud and press play. Use the song title as your answers.

1.How does the world see me? Doll

2.Will I have a happy life? April Skies

3.What do my friends really think of me? Incubation

4.Do people secretly lust after me? Don't Stop

5.How can I make myself happy? Major Leagues

6.What should I do with my life? Landslide

7.Why should life be full of so much pain? You Look Like Rain

8.How can I maximize my pleasure during sex? Up in the Sky

9.Will I ever have children? We're Not Supposed To

10.Will I die happy? I Wanna Live

11.What is some good advice for me? Tongue Tied

12.What is happiness? Our Love Was

13.What is my favourite fetish? Little Honda

14.What type of men do I like? Ambition

15.What’s my signature dancing song? The Back Room

16.What’s my current theme song? Machine Gun

17.What shall be played at my funeral? Heavy Metal Drummer

18.How’s my love life? CELEBRATION

19.How will I be remembered? Every You Every Me


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