• "wtf" albums that came out recently

    29. Jan. 2006, 4:58

    im sure everyone who reads this will disagree with something. but honestly, this stuff just isnt good. and this is my journal so im gonna vent.

    first off...
    avenged sevenfold. now come on people. do you really like this band? they were a joke 5 years ago when they called themselves "heavy fucking metal." now i see kids walking around with "A7X" tattood on their wrist. im sure the album is extremely catchy, buts its not hardrock, its not metal, to steal a quote from lambgoat, its a "fat mall-goth chicks wet dream." sure if you think dudes with make up and tattoos are hot, fine, but that in no way means they make good music.

    bleeding through. ive seen these guys tons of times living in the same city as them. heck i even liked their first album, but time after time again they keep putting out the exact same record. and after listening to the "truth," didnt change my mind. except for the singing parts, which just dont make any sence. i read in an interview they now call themselves "black metal"... ya guys go listen to the new naglfar album, its definitly on the same topics as you. and again with the makeup thing, if your gonna do it, do it for reals and just try to be emperor clones, better then just being some sub-par metalcore band.

    atreyu. now they havent put out an album in a while. which is a good thing. but a review for it said "hero style guitar shreading"... come on now. listen to the new dragonforce and then see if you think the same. this band has been a joke ever since the drummer started singing. and live? how do people even bare to watch them play? last time i saw them at chain, they played with the crown and darkest hour... atryu got boo'd off the stage.

    fall out boy. ya were all signing sugar were goin down swingin. but its the people that say this is the "album of the year." hire a producer who knows how to make cookie cutter songs, and you could be the next fall out boy.

    my chemical romance. now all the bands before this some have some musical tallent, some just know how to write catchy songs. my chemical romance just has nothing but an image myspacers eat up. they arent dark. they arent evil. they just blow.

    this isnt constuctive. im just bored and pissed at music that trys to live up to better things. if a band is alright, and they know they are alright, then thats cool. but all of these bands have egos like none other, and claim to be a style of music that dont even deserve to belong to.
  • albums looking forward to in 2006

    27. Jan. 2006, 7:37

    some of these i already have and some arent for awhile. but 2006 should be an amazing year for music.

    thursday "tba" - set to be released may 2nd, im already planning on this being top 3 of 2006. they have yet to dissapoint, and for the songs ive heard live this will be their best record to date.

    boysetsfire "misery index: notes from the plague years" - my personal favorite band. "after the eulogy" goes down in my book at #1 all time for all around record. i got a promo copy of this and its mindblowing. they've added some new instraments and on first listen you have no idea whats comming next. it doesnt get better then this.

    edguy "rocket ride" - another good album for edguy, not as fast nor as "metal" as mandrake or theatre, but more rocky and extremely catchy. just a good time listening to, also extrememly funny, tobias is out of control on this album "fucking with FIRE!!!"

    in flames "come clarity" - decent record. definitly makes up for "soundtrack" which was just crap, you can hear alittle jester race in there, but all in all its no colony.

    norther "till death unites us" - another norther record. just as good as all the others, but none as good as kalmah or skyfire. if you want something fast and riffy pick this up, if you liked their old records or havent heard them before and "CoB" is your favorite band, youll enjoy this.

    dragonforce "inhuman rampage" - alot of people dont like this band because they are "too fast". now how can a band be to fast?!? ill admit this record is rediculous, but their talent is increadable. herman shreds as usual and the drums dont stop. its fast, its cheezy, but its a good listen.

    ensiferum "dragonheads" - new singer, jari is concentrating on the new wintersun (see below), so petri came in on vocals, and reviews say live they sould relativly the same. probly will be one of the better metal albums of the year, just a little worried what it will be like without jaris guitar work, but im sure ill be just a viking as ever.

    kalmah "the black waltz" - now this is the album im excited for. other then ensiferum, kalmah is my metal band. the blow bodem out of the water time and time again. with the new keyboarded, kalmah is releasing their 4th album this febuary. i have a feeling this will be album of the year if they can surpass their earlier work.

    skyfire "tba" - i dont know if they will release an album this year, but this band is so good and unique it hurts to listen too. dual keyboards? what else do you need. they always put out increadable albums.

    blind guardian "tba" - im not sure if this is going to get a '06 release date, but if it does itll be mind blowing. everyones been waiting years for this album, hopefully guardian will come through.

    fintroll "tba" - i doubt they will put out an album this year, but if they do im ready for it. bring me more hummpa!

    so thats what im excited for in 2006, or have already gotten and so far there have been some amazing records put out this month. im sure most of you have never heard of most these band, especially if you arent in the euro metal scene, but trust me, if you like hard music, you will love these band.


    korpiklaani "tales along this road" is announced for a march release date. if its anything like "voice of the wilderness" itll be amazing.
  • top 15 albums of 2005

    27. Jan. 2006, 7:17

    15 - common "be"

    14 - jack johnson "in between dreams"

    13 - story of the year "in the wake..."

    12 - stretch arm strong "free at last"

    11 - atmosphere "you cant believe..."

    10 - death cab for cutie "plans"

    9 - propagandhi "potemkin city limits"

    8 - sonata arctica "reckoning night"

    7 - sigur ros "takk"

    6 - dark tranquility "character*"

    5 - cursed "II"

    4 - sage francis "a healthy distrust"

    3 - opeth "ghost riveries"

    2 - thrice "vheissu"

    1 - modern life is war "witness"

    honorable mentions (stuff i forgot and dont wanna mess with the 1-15)

    korpiklaani "voice of the wilderness" if you havent heard of this band, go find this album somewhere. "hunting song" will keep you dancing for weeks. this is fintroll minus most of the black metal. extremely folx and finnish polka.

    nocturnal rites "grand illusion"

    obituary "frozen in time"

    arcturus "sideshow Symphonies"

    allegiance "overlooked"

    octavia sperati "winter enclosure"

    old man´s child "vermin"

    comback kid "wake the dead"

    draconian "arcane rain fell"

    hypocrisy "virus"

    angra "temple of shadows"

    those wont dissapoint.

    recaps for 365 days are extremely hard. but this is the list i decided to put together. definitly leaving some stuff out ill think of tomorrow. the list starts out really slow, but the top 5 i believe were definitly the best of the best.