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London Symphony OrchestraEmperor's Throne Room Getaggt Januar 2014
Empire of the SunThe Return To The City Getaggt Oktober 2013
A.I. SoundtrackThe Mecha World Getaggt Oktober 2013
Superman I SoundtrackDestruction Of Krypton (Album Version) Lieblingslied Getaggt September 2013
Superman I SoundtrackThe Fortress Of Solitude (Album Version) (contain previously unissued material) Lieblingslied Getaggt August 2013
Superman I SoundtrackChasing Rockets (Album Version) Lieblingslied Getaggt August 2013
Superman I SoundtrackLeaving Home (Album Version) Lieblingslied Getaggt August 2013
London Symphony OrchestraStar Wars Main Title and The Arrival at Naboo Lieblingslied Getaggt Juli 2013
Superman I SoundtrackSonic Greeting (Previously Unissued) Lieblingslied Getaggt April 2013
Superman I Soundtrack feat. Margot KidderCan You Read My Mind (Alternate Instrumental) (Previously Unissued) Getaggt April 2013
London Symphony OrchestraOn The Conveyor Belt Lieblingslied Getaggt Dezember 2012
John WilliamsEnd Credits Lieblingslied Getaggt Mai 2012