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I read somewhere that a person meets, on average, approximately 25000 people throughout a lifetime. I’ve met quite a few… I’ve never really counted…I have yet to meet you...
We have to connect first before we can do whatever…whenever…business… GuruDan


A graduate of McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, GuruDan majored in Strategic Marketing Management with minors in Business Management, and Computers & Systems with specific focus in Strategic Planning for small-to medium-sized businesses (SME/SMB).

GuruDan's experience spans corporations like Standard Life, Telemedia (Toronto and New York City), Jaeger+Waldmann of Germany, Shaw Communications, International Yellow Pages of Texas, USA; DJR Communications, Kentucky Fried Chicken (Caribbean), Coca-Cola (Caribbean), Nissan (Caribbean), Banyan Ltd. (Caribbean), Prudential Insurance (Canada & USA), more...
He currently is a working partner of Tramca Group Inc., which specializes in Strategic Planning, Marketing and Advertising Consulting, Corporate Communications and Multi-Media Production services to Small-to -Medium-sized Businesses (SME/SMB) throughout Canada, USA and the Caribbean.

GuruDan considers himself a Middlepath thinker. Creative people are right-side thinkers. They are poets, artists, romantics caught up in a world of profits and commerce, and who deal in ideas and art. Left-side thinkers want the creative to make sense to them - to make profits.
Middlepath thinking is the bridge that connects the gap between the right-side and left-side thinkers - it is the secret of turning diversity to inclusion AND creative into profit. This is his area of expertise - his unique ability.


GuruDan's goals are simple. He prides himself on understanding the problems and opportunities in the Business/Marketing/Advertising Consulting arena. His strength lies in his strategic and innovative approach to providing B2B and B2C strategies to small-to-medium-sized businesses (SME/SMB) across Canada, USA, and the Caribbean. His goals are twofold:
(1) Join forces with a few good companies AND individuals to form strategic alliances in providing the best possible services to both their clients AND
(2) Sourcing and winning a few business/marketing/advertising consulting contracts from small-to-medium-sized businesses (SME/SMB) throughout Canada, USA and the Caribbean.
(a) FOR INDIVIDUALS PROPOSING TO JOIN FORCES…You must be prepared to be a working partner in this business in Canada, USA or the Caribbean.
(b) FOR COMPANIES PROPOSING TO FORM A STRATEGIC ALLIANCE…You must bring resources that will strengthen and benefit both our clients.

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