• Dr. NRG's Weekly Top 30 (Dec/24/2012)

    28. Feb. 2010, 10:32

    No surprise as Aerosmith holds off Green Day from the top spot. A late Entry for Hinder, but should fare well, as all Hinder songs usualy do. The other debut is from AOR band White Widdow; who's lead singer resembles Brett Michaels and sounds a bit like the late; Jani Lane. "Reckless Nights" is sure to hit top 10 in the comming weeks.

    1. What Could Have Been Love-. Aerosmith (1) 4 weeks #1
    2. Kill The DJ- Green Day (2) 2 weeks
    3 .Brendon's Death Song- Red Hot Chili Peppers (4)
    4. Silver Moon- Donkeyboy (3)
    5. Your Love's A Runnaway- Grand Design (7)
    6. Lover Alot- Aerosmith (8)
    7 .Oh Love- Green Day (5) 4 weeks #1
    8. Runaways- The Killers (6) 3 weeks
    9. Midnight Queen- Nickelback (10)
    10.Hell Or Halleluja- Kiss (9) 5 weeks #1

    11. Dance With The Devil- The Sounds (12)
    12. Mejor Ya No- Moenia (15)
    13. In The End- Snow Patrol (11)
    14. Kangaroo Court- Capital Cities (16)
    15. Doom & Gloom- Rolling Stones (13)
    16. Heartbreaker- Loverboy (17)
    17 Want You Back -Cher Lloyd (14)
    18. Long Way Down- Kiss (19)
    19. Be Careful What You Ask For- Everclear (20)
    20. Settle Down- No Doubt (18)

    21. Wolves- The Good Natured (22)
    22. On The Radio- Reckless Love (24)
    23. Mama Lover- Serebro (21)
    24. Betweeen The Raindrops- Lifehouse feat. Natasha Beddingfield (26)
    25. Overjoyed- Matchbox Twenty (28)
    26. Save Me- Hinder (NEW)
    27. Some Nights - Fun (30)
    28. Breath- Scott Weiland (23)
    29. She's So Mean- Matchbox 20 (25) 4 weeks #1
    30. Reckless Nights- White Widdow (NEW)

    New Music Explosion
    Street Jesus- Aerosmith
    Siempre Estoy- Fobia
    Fell For You- Green Day
    Petty Cash- Einsteinbarbie
    One More Night- Maroon 5
  • music snobs hitting a new low

    23. Dez. 2009, 10:27

    Mylst F.M is full of music snobs, but one member has taken things to a new low. haters know him as . A complete troll who likes to harrass members by posting pictures of them and calling them his. He even goes as far as trying to pass off as another memeber well as thier dog. This is a real defination of a loser. Wanting to look like someone else is a sign of insecurity. This is what he does when he no longer can think up anything intellegent to say or even try to debate a point any longer. So lets review #1. Stealing quotes.#2. Stealing photos of other members and trying to pass off as them.#3. Using fake names with other peoples information.#4. Trying to start up groups to belittle other members. let's do everything possible to get members like these banned off Mylastfm. We are here to listen to the music we enjoy. We are not hear to be harrassed into changing our personal prefferences in music. I would insert a pic of him, but why bother. You can imagine he must look horrible for doing all these horrible things. I will adding more information as it developes. Here are some groups him and his friends start up so you see what I mean.