Marriage & Music (First Gig! kinda, sorta)


14. Apr. 2008, 20:04

The last few days have been busy. My good friend Tyler got married last Saturday (April 12, 2008; Congratulations Tyler & Holly!) and I got to be one of his groomsman!

So my weekend began on Thursday. Tyler planned on having a few of us play a couple songs together during the reception, but because of school I hadn't been able to practice with the rest of the band; Thursday had to be my one and only practice session with the gang. Luckily I knew the songs (They were all Jack Johnson songs to prepare for their Hawaiian Honeymoon). We went over to Jason's house to jam and I had a blast! I could've played all night!

Friday was the rehearsal dinner. I had never stood up in a wedding, so I was a little nervous and confused as to what to do. I spent Friday night at Dan's house where Tyler and I went over the songs one last time.

On Saturday all the groomsman went out for breakfast then went over to the hotel to get into our tuxes. At 3:00 we did pictures, and at 5:00 the ceremony began. Everything came together perfectly. I gave an impromptu speech/toast (the groomsman were put on the spot because every bridesmaid gave a toast, so we had to top them).

Finally at around 10:00 the hired band took a break and we took to the stage. Our band included:

- Tyler on Lead Vocals/Lead Ukulele/Lead Acoustic Guitar
- Dan on Backup Vocals/2nd Lead Acoustic Guitar
- Andrew (myself) on Rhythm Acoustic Guitar/Lead Acoustic Guitar (on Upside Down)
- Lyle on Upright Bass
- Jason on Drums

Lyle and Jason are established musicians; Tyler, Dan, and I are pretty much amateurs.

Set List:
- Better Together (just Tyler; sung to his wife)
- Banana Pancakes
- What You Thought You Need
- Bubble Toes
- Upside Down (Encore)

It was the most fun I had in a long time! I hope the band (we have yet to come up with a name) will still be able to get together once in a while and have some fun.

Oh and...
Congratulations to Holly & Tyler Spletzer; I wish them the best of luck! Have fun in Hawaii!



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