• The Best Brass Riffs Ever

    15. Sep. 2006, 11:17

    These two songs have the coolest brass riffs that I know of:

    • Fire the Hidden has this incredible trombone riff. They play it mostly at the end and just a little bit in between the chorusses, and everytime the riff comes it pushes the whole song forward.

    • I Want To Take You Higher. That one's a classic. It's just four notes, but it's everything you need.

    Both riffs have in common that they are very syncopated and shift around the beat, as if they were overtaking it. Does anybody know other riffs like these?
  • Beautifully slow

    14. Dez. 2005, 16:50

    Have you listened to this version of Mercy, Mercy, Mercy by Cannonball Adderley? It is very slow and mellow. And strangeley enough makes it more powerful that the standard version.

    I just had to share this one.
  • How cool is this?

    1. Nov. 2005, 15:13

    This is the third time that I get this "Hey what cool stuff is this on my radio?" effect and when I looked it was stuff from Tony Allen.

    The one I am currently listening to is Black Voices (We Are What We Play mix). It starts off really cool and slow but with the first few notes of this bubling bass, you know this is gonna be groovey!

    There is some real classic stuff hidden in there, The Rhodes pattern or the percussions in the middle, that is nothing special, but the overall feel of this song is really different from any stuff I have yet listened too. Is there more of this? Where???

    It is tagged as , and he even has an Album that is entitled "Afro Beat". But what has this to do with, say, Fela Kuti? Is this where his inspiration comes from?

    I really don't know what to think of this, except that it's cool! :-)
  • Something's wrong here

    3. Okt. 2005, 16:32

    I just litened to this track on my stream and had to find out that this is not Jeunesse Dore. This is Jim the Jinn; a track I know very well.

    I suppose Journal entries could be used for something else than replacing the non existent moderation feature (see the forum thread what happened to the moderate button?). I have created a tag too: . So much misuse of new features :-) .

    Oh and while I am at it, I could tell you something about the song, right? It is absolutely wonderful. It is a very well done mix between a Cha Cha groove and electronic music. and very danceable.