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Über mich

It started off in '77, when the kids got up together...


I feel proud lacing my boots up everyday and standing up for the next generation of REBEL YOUTH.

On the way to the gig, the night falls,
on the streets, together with the urban chaos
Without think about tomorrow,
but looking forward to the first chords
Closed steps at the grizzly city,
the punk on the streets and nothing else matters
It's much more than a simple fact;
it's our culture, our way of life

Pogo Punx!!!

Euphoric cries... the urban chaos
give us strength to fight
To survive and to be everything we want,
the punk on the streets and nothing else matters
Playing loud or hitting the air,
when the pogo starts we're all the same
Puking on the ground or flying the flag,
when the pogo starts we're all the fucking same

Pogo Punx!!!

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