25 Joints to Get U Through The Day (#11) - Women Speak Their Minds


8. Jun. 2009, 19:30

Another great show on Breakdown FM by Davey D.

This time the ladies show how it´s done.


01-Canary Sings 'Heroines' (Seattle)
02-Kellee Maize 'Third Eye' (Pittsburgh)
03-Isis 'Rebel Song' (NY)
04-Jean Grae 'Supa Jean' (NY)
05-Eve 'Life Is So Hard' (NY)
06-Mystic 'Beautiful Resistant' (Bay Area/ LA)
07-Laura Piece Kelly 'Soundwave' (Seattle)
08-Nefertiti 'Addicted' (Grand Rapids, Mi)
09-DJ Vadim w/ Sarah Jones 'Revolution' (NY)
10-DJ B Girl w/ Sista Hailstorm & Julie C 'Murder She Wrote' (Seattle)
11-Queen Latifah 'Latifah Had It Up To Here' (NY)
12-Rha Goddess 'Immaculate Conception' (NY)
13-Invincible 'Recognize' (Detroit)
14-Crew Grrrl Order 'Official First Lady (Johnny Juice Remix)
15-Macy Gray w/ Mos Def "i committed murder' (gang Star rmx)
16-Tiye Phoenix 'Nicewitis' (NY)
17-Mala Rodriguez 'Ajierro' (Spain)
18-Queen Deelah 'Mond Yours' (Oakland)
19-Bernice King & Sister Souljah meet the Rhondo Brothers (interlude)
20-Medusa 'Cali Fame' (LA)
21-Jennifer John 'Painting on Wax' (Bay Area)
22-Queen Nasim 'I'm original' w/ Rosa Clemente (Portland)
23-Maria Isa 'Die Not Kill' (Minneapolis)
24-Lah Tere 'You Are' (Chicago/NY)
25-Brazen 'Grand Rapid' (San Jose/ Grand Rapid)
26-Kenyanna Bean 'Good Wit Me' (Oakland)


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