the story of my life - volume 2.


23. Jul. 2008, 15:55

last story of my life had to be veeeryyyy stupid. and short :]. so i want to write some new story.
btw this is not my choice, my winamp is shuffle :]

Opening credits: Electricity ^^

Waking up: Sometimes

Average day: Impossible [well, my every day is impossible!:P]

First date: It's Alright

Falling in love: Armagedon (omfg :P)

Sex scene: Tia Dalma (hahaha xD)

Fight scene: What A Feeling xD

Breaking up: 5 Years

Getting back together: Czas Czas Czas (time time time?)

Secret love: The Real Thing

Life's okay: That's Where You Take Me

Mental breakdown: Don't Stop the Music ?

Driving: Paninaro

Deep thought: American Idiot (lol :P)

Flashback: You Look Good Jack

Partying: Are U Ready?

Happy dance: Every Time I Close My Eyes (oh yes xP)

Regretting: Nie wszystko co pozytywne jest legalne

Long night alone: Tak Mi Dobrze xDD

Death scene: Impossible

Closing credits: Being Boring (we were never being boring! heeey! :)]


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