Not getting really into Amon Tobin


13. Aug. 2006, 15:03

I think the thing that prevents me from getting really into Amon Tobin is the fact that he seems to have just taken all of The Future Sound of London's ideas. At least that's what Out From Out Where sounds like.

Don't get me wrong -- it's a pretty good album. But it sounds like an FSOL tribute album as much as anything else.


  • onecaseman

    Supermodified is the one you should be listening to. It's a lot better than Out From Out Where.

    13. Aug. 2006, 15:42
  • doctorvee

    Okay, cool. The only other Amon Tobin album I've heard is Permutation

    13. Aug. 2006, 15:57
  • Ojotango

    Agreed. Also check out Bricolage for a jazzier sound. Still, there are tunes on all of his albums that are outstanding - Rosie's is an awesome track.

    13. Aug. 2006, 16:00
  • Annie_Reckson

    I agree with onecaseman, definitely listen to Supermodified. Probably his best.

    13. Aug. 2006, 19:51
  • yagood

    So far I haven't found anything even remotely comparable to Amon Tobin's work, his stuff is just out of this world for me. Be sure to check out more of his music + watch new album trailer! I know FSOL only by name, now after you post I'm going to check it out and it better be good enough to compare with AT.

    15. Aug. 2006, 13:12
  • boliao

    That's one ridiculous claim right there. Too bad you're not elaborating much on this (like, what are those all ideas and so on). :P In any case, Out from out where isn't really a definitive Tobin album. His early stuff is. Adventures in foam, Piranha breaks, Bricolage...

    15. Aug. 2006, 17:35
  • theoryjean

    dude the mans just skitz... get with the program hes not trying to steal anyones sound.

    22. Aug. 2006, 8:43
  • tricil23

    that's one of the reasons i LOVED OFOW it sounded like a perfect cross between download and FSOL. w/ some prefuse and whatever the fuck begat that (Godly) bass in rosies. i'm gonna listen to it now haha

    16. Sep. 2006, 7:24
  • SEoD

    I've got to recommend Supermodified as well, largely for the excellent track 1: Get Yer Snack On

    30. Dez. 2006, 20:26
  • yagood

    Check out Tobin's new album - Foley Room - complete masterpiece.

    31. Dez. 2006, 9:22
  • doctorvee

    Thanks for the recommendations everyone! I'll be sure to check them out.

    20. Jan. 2007, 18:45
  • thedion

    :( Why were a few people hating on OFOW in these comments? It's my favorite Tobin album for sure.

    30. Apr. 2007, 7:12
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