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Circle JerksRed Tape 8. Aug. 2013
T.S.O.L.Love Story 8. Aug. 2013
Angry SamoansHomo-Sexual 8. Aug. 2013
JFAPreppy 8. Aug. 2013
AllJust Perfect 8. Aug. 2013
DescendentsHope 8. Aug. 2013
Agent OrangeBloodstains 8. Aug. 2013
Nick Cave & Warren EllisSong for Bob 8. Aug. 2013
Nick CaveI'm Your Man 8. Aug. 2013
Th' Legendary Shack*ShakersShake Your Hips 22. Apr. 2013
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Lived my formative years outside of Tucson AZ with a skateboard and an old Vandals tape. I ve loved punk rock since before it became fasionable. I could sit here and talk shit all day about how hardcore i am cuz i listen to real music, but thats not my style. If you know, then you know. Over the years my tastes may have changed, but i always gravitate back to the music that surrounded me and comforted me through the best years of my life. Punks not dead, its just been raped and beaten to death by the mindless thug called pop culture.