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I like anime and manga. I like listening to popular music as well as JPop & JRock. I have an awesome Cosplay gallery on my DeviantArt account ( ) . I enjoy going to anime cons as well. I have a special interest in one-hit wonders (true ones, not of the VH1 kind) and songs that charted in the Hot 100, but not reaching the Top 40. I enjoy a various selection of music and you may never what I will play from day to day. Whether one day it's an 80's theme, the next day a JPop/JRock theme, or the next day all current tunes. I always like to keep music playlists fresh and diverse. Give kudos to variety!!! Don't forget to check out my Live365 Broadcast entitled "Island Of Lost Tunes" (formerly known as Second Chances), which features 70s & 80s songs the peaked below the Top 40 (#41-100) and those that didn't make the Hot 100 (Bubbling Under), plus I'll throw in cover songs and as well.

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