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PeltGhosts Are Never Forgiven Gestern um 01:51
John FaheyView 21. Sep., 0:58
John FaheyDon't 21. Sep., 0:55
John FaheyThe Thing At The End Of New Hampshire Avenue 21. Sep., 0:51
John FaheyClaire 21. Sep., 0:48
John FaheyA Rose and a Baby Ruth 21. Sep., 0:46
John FaheyBlueberry Hill 21. Sep., 0:43
John FaheyIn Darkest Night 21. Sep., 0:39
John FaheyThe Sea Of Love 21. Sep., 0:37
John FaheyTwilight Time 21. Sep., 0:34
Third Ear BandStone Circle 17. Sep., 0:10
Third Ear BandDruid One 17. Sep., 0:07
Third Ear BandGhetto Raga 16. Sep., 23:56
Third Ear BandMosaic 16. Sep., 23:49
Sun City GirlsDamcar 16. Sep., 23:46
Sun City Girlsswing of kings 16. Sep., 23:43
Sun City GirlsIn a Lesbian Meadow 16. Sep., 23:41
Sun City GirlsDifferent Kind of Whore 16. Sep., 23:21
Sun City GirlsRadio Morocco 16. Sep., 23:16
The ResidentsEpilogue 16. Sep., 23:15
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  • kailasha-

    long time no see; i sent you a friend request on goodreads just now

    19. Sep., 6:10 Antworten
  • Neonbhudda

    Do the Barthes, man!

    11. Jul., 2:18 Antworten
  • kailasha-

    i'm not doing much except for some online summer classes; uc davis starts later this year (oct 2) so i still have quite a bit of time left

    3. Jul., 16:23 Antworten
  • kailasha-

    p.s. just looked through your mubi ratings, awesome taste

    21. Jun., 0:57 Antworten
  • kailasha-

    how's summer going?

    21. Jun., 0:35 Antworten
  • aasdfasf

    Don't see his paper as a final hermeneutic answer but rather a Marxist (or really Maoist) reading. I don't think the mysticism part is the strongest part of his essay at all. I obviously agree with Death of the Author etc but I think partially he's critiquing the idea of the composer having secrets as Reich puts it as well as the Western approach to art. We have totally internalised a bourgeois, imperialist approach to art; I totally agree with art for art's sake but Mao was right that it is a bourgeois or at least Western idea. He's critiquing the idea of art without a civic duty or enjoyment for the masses, only to be fodder for bourgeois intellectuals. I still agree in art for art's sake and like bourgeois art but that's the strength of his essay in my opinion: making us realise it is bourgeois art... no need for a qualitative or aesthetic judgement.

    4. Mai., 12:13 Antworten
  • kailasha-

    im planning on majoring in computer science but since i havent taken many classes related to that (mostly GE classes so far) it's still easy enough for me to change majors if i want (though im not sure what else i'd go into). thanks for the recs, is that hosianna mantra related to the popol vuh album? p.s. what school did you go to

    4. Mai., 5:37 Antworten
  • aasdfasf

    That that book of essays published from ubuclassics was tremendously influential on me. Stockhausen and Cage (and Cardew's best works) are exclusionary and bourgeois. But I'm realising most art I find good is. Compare our conception of good art to Chinese early-mid20th century art music or the then-great writers of the ancient world; what Cardew says about the idea of the genius is true to me. Other cultures value contribution to the national or human good as the highest goal, but bourgeois composers are interested in complexity or personal ideology. To me, aesthetic beauty is the highest good and bourgeois art does it mostly unfortunately.

    2. Mai., 22:07 Antworten
  • kailasha- this one? congrats on finishing university, i still have a few years left myself. i've heard that This heat ep but haven't scrobbled it yet for some reason

    2. Mai., 20:28 Antworten
  • kailasha-

    Been awhile since we last talked, what's up? :P

    2. Mai., 5:23 Antworten
  • josshhhh

    that nomadia record was really interesting. i liked both sides.

    23. Apr., 21:10 Antworten
  • Groves89

    yeah, opium musick is incredible. one thing i always wished six organs of admittance would implement is indian instruments but he never did it besides some tabla. i dont think his playing style is that far removed from sitar.

    23. Apr., 0:22 Antworten
  • Groves89

    grabbing it now. i've been meaning to check him out for a while.

    22. Apr., 21:41 Antworten
  • Groves89

    i'm having trouble finding it. is it on slsk?

    20. Apr., 22:16 Antworten
  • Groves89

    the aksak maboul had incredible percussion. my immediate thought was that it seemed like early robert wyatt, but the ideas were expounded upon more. i like robert wyatt but there has always been something missing there

    9. Apr., 23:08 Antworten
  • Groves89

    this don cherry track is incredible. there is one pharaoh sanders track that is in the same vein as journey in satchidinanda sans harp. it's from the album elevation. the rest of the album is pretty chaotic but that has to be my favorite pharaoh sanders track. the sax is there, but it doesn't overpower the tanpura and piano.

    9. Apr., 23:06 Antworten
  • Groves89

    what id really like is something along the lines of journey in satchidinanda. its one of my favorite albums ever, and i love pharaoh sanders, but sometimes i wish he wasnt on it. just the bass and the tanpura work so well. ive been enjoying nikhil banerjee a lot but as you said about ravi shankar, it's a bit frenetic. ali akbar khan is a little bit more meditative, but i would stay away from the recordings with vocals (Legacy) because it tends to take away from that.

    8. Apr., 23:26 Antworten
  • Groves89

    i don't care much about bitrate either, and i find most of the userbase on to be completely unbearable. im going to listen to angus maclise with a new perspective now because i didnt pick up on that nuance the first time. re: raga, i'm not very well versed in it, although i've always liked it. i've just now committed to really getting into it. have you hear zakir hussain? a lot of his stuff is just tabla accompanied with tanpura. unfortunately though i can't remember which releases are which.

    8. Apr., 23:23 Antworten
  • Groves89

    and yeah, i'm certain i've heard inside the dream syndicate at some point. i'm going to check out that aksak maboul record.

    8. Apr., 21:38 Antworten
  • Groves89

    i use most of the time. i do have slsk, i've just never used it. maybe i should start because i cant get ratio on anymore and i refuse to buy a seedbox. i did enjoy the angus maclise and i'm pretty sure i have one of those dreamweapon recordings in my library as well so i'll listen to it sometime this week. are you a visual artist? what do you make?

    8. Apr., 21:33 Antworten
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plz recommend me things

Seen live:

Acid Mothers Temple
Oneohtrix Point Never
of Montreal (2x)
Ingrid Michaelson
Janellle Monae
Iron and Wine
Ok Go
Portugal. The Man
Skrillex (yuck)
Dan Deacon
Flying Lotus
Atlas Sound
Sleigh Bells
John Mayer
The Avett Brothers
Lil B
Arctic Monkeys
Youth Lagoon
Hot Chip
Wild Flag (sort of)
Talib Kweli
Julia Holter (2x)
Hundred Waters
Crystal Castles
Black Moth Super Rainbow
Dark Star Orchestra
Brujas del Sol
The Holydrug Couple
Main St. Gospel
Lee Ranaldo
Dmitri Kouzov (Bach Cello Suites 1,2,3,5)

Artists met:

Julia Holter (awkward both times)
Crystal Castles (awkward)
Kevin Barnes (more or less awkward)
Brujas del Sol
Lee Ranaldo
Lil B signed my ticket
Thurston Moore texted me 'I love you' through my friend's phone
Dani Levanthall
Michael Robinson


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