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  • Rythmik

    damn, I see u still up listenin 2 glad 2 see tha whole night owl thing'll keep runnin in tha

    März 2007
  • eyeslikemine

    Shakira rules. :) Happy new year! It's great to see another shaki fan! woo! :D

    Januar 2007
  • djacobs

    Yes, and all the rooms of the house. I am into the Shakira because of the shimmy, not the shimmy because of Shakira.

    Mai 2006
  • apollonia666

    Who knew you were so into Shakira? Do you shimmy around the kitchen to it for Lady M?

    Mai 2006
  • djacobs

    Thanks! I haven't heard that, I'll check it out.

    April 2006
  • caterina

    I was listening to Pod the first and best. I think. It was a while ago...

    März 2006
  • djacobs

    I'm blasting.

    Februar 2006