• Don't bootleg!

    9. Mär. 2010, 6:45

    I see a lot of album sharing goin on round here. Unless they're offered free dl (also provided by on behalf of the artist' themselves, your participating in a huge disrespect to artist working hard to amuse you. Don't take food (or gold) outta your fav. rappers mouth. Pay your dues for your musics.
  • The Free Design-The Now Sound Redesigned

    8. Sep. 2009, 13:43

    Call it "Crunkin back in time". A stylish musikal history lesson. This album is my new found golden piece I am beyond delighted to add to my record collection. Issued in 2005 I am just stumbling accross this in my constant search for music, new and old, and artist that offer extrodinary sounds consisting of elements including originality, energy and emotion. This album instantaneously invoked such a vibe that leads me to certain that you can infact be drugged my music. The Free Design-The Now Sound Redesigned collaboration consists of beat masters and hip hop talents including Madlib , Peanut Butter Wolf, and Kid Koala, Dynomite D. Danger Mouse, Murs, Dudley Perkins w/ Koushik. Indie rock/pop artist including Stereolab, and the High Llamas, Super Furry Animals, Chris Gedes from Belle and Sebastian, Electronica artists including Nobody, Sharpshooters, and Caribou. The Now Sound Redesigned was made in tribute to the The original group Free Design in a tribute as it has impacted and influenced these artist in there works today. It's made and put togather perfectly covering so many horizons of sound and genre' of music for a full-spectrum of variety for any listener.

    This album is a definatley a gem. If you haven't already been blessed with opportunity to check it out I urge ya to give it a shot. If you concider yourself an aficionado of the arts and history and are looking for somethin truely amazing in music CHECK IT OUT! It's kind of a gate-key and after having discovered it I have been compelled and have begun diggin up all the material from the Original group 'Free Design and much other influences that impacted and untimatly resulted in what I concider to be 1 of the finest collaborations I have ever experienced. Just thought some of you would really appreciate an awesome find. I know I did.

    the free design the now sound redesignedThe Free Design