An insight to the listening habits of the ditzifaery...


12. Jul. 2007, 10:57

Voyeuristic iTunes-y loveliness.....

Total Time: 5days 17hours 15minutes 18seconds
Total Tracks: 2013

Sort by Artist:
First song: Highway to Hell by AC/DC
Last song: Give it Away by The 9000

Sort by Song Title:
First song: A.D. by The Butterfly Effect
Last song: by Henrys Anger (I've not forgotten the title, its a space...)

Sort by Album Title:
First song: All Rise by Blue
Last song: Separated by Usher

Sort by Song Time:
Shortest Song: Heidilude 4 by Killing Heidi
Longest Song: Return of The Electric Horseman by Powderfinger

Top 10 Most Played Songs:
1. Throw it Away by Juke Kartel
2. Breathe Me by Sia
3. Come On Come On by Little Birdy
4. Zombie by The Cranberries
5. Sweet Sacrifice By Evanescence
6. Are You Gonna Be My Girl? by Jet
7. Lithium by Evanescence
8. Sunday by Sia
9. Fix You by Coldplay
10. Grace Kelly by Mika

First five songs that come up on Shuffle:
1. Obsession by Kelly Rowland
2. Any Other World by Mika
3. Sober and Unkissed by Sia
4. You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC
5. Be My Escape by Relient K

"sex" - how many songs come up?: 14
"love" - how many songs come up?: 141
"you" - how many songs come up?: 250
"death" - how many songs come up?: 16
"hate" - how many songs come up?: 10
"wish" - how many songs come up?: 3

wasn't that fun?


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