Tragedy stroke


5. Nov. 2011, 2:36

it's been a few weeks that my 80gb ipod erased all of my music for the 2nd time. i tried restoring it and adding music again, but after 30gbs into the process, itunes froze and once again it was asking me to restore the ipod. i restored it again and my itunes still was not able to read the song data. my pc however, showed that there was about 30gbs on the ipod. when i fully unplugged it i also was not able to see any song data on the ipod itself, it looked brand new, clean slate. i took it to the apple store in tysons last wk and the "genius" at the bar restored it and said that if it didn't fix it, i should just bring it back for a 10% discount towards a new one. ::sigh:: it really sucks. i love my mf ipod. i've used it for so long, many yrs of 80gigs <3 anyway, i live about an hr from tysons and my friend found me a 10% coupon towards ipods at target, so i'll prob just buy one from there instead. i think tomorrow or sunday is THE day. i want the 160gb, upgradable musical boyfriend lol


  • disheartenme

    ps: who's been listening to Bjork's new album and thinks the "crystal light" song is lulz cuz it reminds them of the sugar free powdery flavoring you can add to water? :D

    5. Nov. 2011, 2:38
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