dear idiots,


19. Jan. 2010, 11:14

oh, excuse my french. well, it has come to my attention from browsing this site for about 4 years now that some people use this site for the WRONG REASONS. while music should definitely always be a social thing, bringing people together, and it is fun to talk to other people about it, sometimes i notice people using this site for some weird social acceptance. which is honestly stupid and childish in my opinion.

maybe i'm seeing this site as better than it actually is, or trying to justify my using it too, and liking my musical taste being on display, as random or awkward as it can be at times.

but if a site is created where one's musical taste is on display (which can be a very personal thing if you are actually scrobbling everything your heart desires) ofcourse there are bound to be ignorant idiots who want to judge and bash one another for what they listen to. and fuck that. to that, i say GROW UP!!!

while i definitely understand that displaying your musical taste is ofcourse going to cause pettiness and total elitism (no, i am not blind, or "wishfully thinking", as i am a big fan of reality, it's true you guys, i became a fan on facebook), a site that's based on music should not ever be about these things. music is a form of art, and art should never be drowned in petty highschool-like elitism.

so, premature musical ejaculators all over the world, please do not messy all over my page, i have no desire to be surrounded by that clutter on this site! thanks.


  • disasterhead

    haha nice one.

    21. Jan. 2010, 3:43
  • kidacomputerok

    Like Nickelback, I use this site for "All the Right Reasons." (To find girls and put "Something in [Their] Mouth.")

    29. Jan. 2010, 0:18
  • dischord82

    very cool.

    29. Jan. 2010, 22:43
  • Annihiskate


    26. Nov. 2014, 2:05
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