What to hear on good HIFI equipment? My list...


19. Jun. 2007, 17:08

Over the past years I bought a complete HIFI-set from an english company. Its excellent sound quality at moderate prices brings high-end to everyone of you. In 2005 I bought a fine pair of High-End Loudspeakers - one of the finest speakers from Berlin, Germany, very well known in the US, too.

Here you'll find a small list of songs/albums I recommend for hearing on fine equipment because of fantastic recording performances.

Scattering Poems
Gone With the Wind
Forbidden Fruit
Autumn Leaves
Amused To Death
Foolish Games

To be continued...


  • R4pt0R

    what is the name of the manufacturer? Burmester or MBL?

    23. Feb. 2008, 14:30
  • director85

    It's Myryad. "Moderate price" I said! ;-) Speakers are from Sehring Audio-Systeme (http://www.sehring-audio.com)

    20. Apr. 2009, 7:56
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