• Little Feelings

    23. Aug. 2011, 3:30

    I'm so sad when I think about it !
    But I know who causes it is the one that makes me so conscious !
    I always believe in that even a man like me can have a distinguished moment !
    Though I consider you are a really wicked girl , I am telling myself to take it easy and imagine what she has done is all divine peaceful and wonderful to me !
    Also that you have done to me makes me firmly believe you are a perfect ingenious well-behaved lovely and cute fair lady !
    But I know you can be a fine pet girl !
    It is no longer an ambition for me since everybody around you has already realized how active you are !
    Finally , I do think it is the most endless thing to tell you how much you will cost me !
    Lufomal Present

    And every time I read it, I am missing you~~