• Google Music + and My New Music = happiness

    22. Dez. 2011, 20:12

    I hated the new cloud players...HATED them. Not the normal hatred but the kind where you actually want to set them on fire. The reason? No scrobbling and poor tag handling. I will fight to the death for the tracks I've scrobbled. I've found more new music based on my listening habits in these past 6 years (in Feb 2012) I've been a member than I could ever hope to find on Spotify or Pandora. I had a brief flirtation with both of those services and quickly came back to Not only is it the most affordable way to stream music, it is also THE BEST for finding new music.

    Thanks to Daniel Slaughter and Greasemonkey for Firefox, I am able to scrobble music via Google music and my happiness level has skyrocketed while hatred level has plummeted. Books of matches back to the top drawer and gasoline back in the shed.

    So what have I been listening to since I have these great tools at my fingertips? Loch Lomond is a band I found recently and I'm loving both of their albums...I listen to Wax and Wire at the minimum twice per day.

    The other is a band that hasn't released an album yet. San Cisco is pretty amazing especially the song Awkward which is so catchy it will get stuck inside your head.

    I'd have never found either of these bands without and I definitely wouldn't be listening to them on any cloud player if it didn't scrobble. We're entering into an odd time for online music...there are so many ways in which one can stream and find music online...and with, I find bands that don't have a marketing department behind them that make better music than the stuff radio stations try to force feed to me. I'm thankful for
  • Viola is Full of Win and Awesome!

    20. Feb. 2009, 3:07

    One of my favorite bands currently is Viola. I found them while looking for similar bands to Mew...and I instantly loved the use of more electronic sounds. Today, I checked my email and found a message from the Viola mailing list. It said:


    Big news : From now on all Viola music will be FREE!
    The decision has been a long time coming but now it's reality - we have a new site dedicated to our music at where you can listen and download all our records - for free! Plus starting from April we will release a new song on the first day of each month on the same site. And again, it's all free! And no registrations are needed.

    So no more physical records on the horizon for us. There's always a possibility for instance of small editions of vinyl pressings if enough people seem to want to possess also physical objects, but the main thing, the music itself, will be free in it's digital form.

    There are plenty of reasons for our new approach, but the one main thing is that releasing records hasn't been economically speaking very reasonable for us. And since we can create and record music practically without expenses we have decided to get rid of all intermediary agents like pressing factories and record shops so that people have a chance to get our music free of charge. This new method also creates a new spontaneity since there are no more waiting periods before getting our music to reach the ears of our listeners

    Feel free to share your views for instance on the Viola Music Club site where all comments will be appreciated.

    Welcome to our club!
    And spread the word if you feel like it.


    That's right, FREE! Quickly run to and check things out, drop a comment and make sure that you listen!
  • Honestly...

    26. Jul. 2007, 19:42

    Honestly, I think Neutral Milk Hotel's album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is probably one of the greatest albums ever made. It was 1998 when it was released...almost 10 years ago. The songs on that album were so far ahead of their time...they stand alone as masterpieces.

    My favorite songs are Ghost, Oh Comely, In an Aeroplane Over the Sea, and The Fool.

    These songs are poetic masterpieces in my honest opinion. Sometimes when I listen to them, I reminded how feeble life is and how powerful verse and music can be.

    I hope they continue to influence artists to make good know, good music. Not that crap that blares on the radio. Good music. Music that brings a tear to your eye because its lyrics and music mean something to everyone, not just you...and not because it reminds you of some girl/guy you broke up with. Good music. The type of music that you can't find from top 40 radio.

    If you don't know who Neutral Milk Hotel is...find out. You're missing out on one of the greatest bands of all time.

    Neutral Milk Hotel FAQ
    In an Aeroplane Over the Sea - 2006 book on NMH
  • This Just In....

    29. Mär. 2007, 2:19

    Not sure if any of you realized...but Mew rocks :)

    The show at the Black Cat in DC was amazing even if the sound system was teh suck. These guys are great live and all of their CD's sound great. If you haven't started listening to them yet, start.

    If they're not your cup of tea, go back to Taking Back Sunday with My Chemical Romance in Good Charlotte and make sure there's a hearty splash of Evanescence to make the Fall Out Boy sink into Linkin Park. Honestly, how do you listen to that stuff?