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For Miami's Fashion Designer, Tv/Film Producer, Actor, & Singer/Songwriter Des Shawn'a, getting to share her music with the world is like a dream come true. Des Shawn'a favorite quote is "Walk Don't Look Back"- Des Shawn'a. The fact that Des Shawn'a works HAPPY while delivering incredible music that she co-produces with other producers, is like her showcasing her personality,” Des Shawn'a says as her heart beat sometimes it skips a beat of flutter over the excitement.
Des Shawn'a describes her own music as ART of her soul while at the same time signifying a Timeless Sound. “Des Shawn'a music is about Love/Hate & Joy/Pain. Some of the stories told in her songs can be reality and still be fun. I always choose a song that I can relate to in some way, shape, or form. My music will always be able to be identified”
Des Shawn'a’s voice is very unique and well developed requiring little to no tuning. That doesn’t mean that Des Shawn'a doesn’t seek constant improvement and constructive criticism in all areas. “As an artist and a performer, I want to be both an artist and a performer. I am constantly studying and researching everything I can about the music industry.I am not only honing my songwriting skills and vocals. I am determined to achieve and suceed.” Des Shawn'a takes and applies all the advice she receives from the music industry professionals she works with and who serve as mentors to her.
In addition to Her Music, Des Shawn'a’s influences include the king of pop music, Michael Jackson. She was most touched by Michael’s music when he made “Man In The Mirror”.
Des Shawn'a has high hope for her music that it will provide new means for her to give back to many individuals in need. “I would like to give back to my community Seminola for helping my outlook on life,” she says, in addition to wanting to give back to other charitable organizations close to her heart such as The Gem Project, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society,The Ronald McDonald House, and the March of Dimes.
Having been involved in church choir, and various films throughout, Des Shawn'a is no stranger to the stage. “I feel at home on stage, so every stage I step foot on becomes my home during that performance."
Des Shawn'a has an AIM to perform on big stages, in big arenas. Des Shawn'a states, "I Give God All The Glory, because it is he that carries me". So, Let's just say Ready or Not Here She Comes!