• Letter to Toure: About Invincible.

    9. Aug. 2009, 4:27

    I recently wrote a letter to novelist and music journalist Toure of Rollingstone magazine. I made an attempt to send it to his official website, but the contact was down somehow. I ended up sending it to him through myself, which he rarely checks, but he tweets time and time again within a matter of 15 minutes, so I'm very excited for a reply from him some day. If not, then it will be a strange first meeting one day, because I'll absolutely bring it up. I feel compelled to include the letter here, so I will!

    "No cultural critic, politician, news reporter or anyone else with a big enough name to catch the ear of a few thousand Americans has an inbox that doesn't contain at least one hundred messages pertaining to Michael Jackson right now. Unfortunately, if you're looking at things in a way I (can only) assume you are, this is one of those e-mails. As a brief introduction I'd just like to say my name is Brittany, I'm a junior in college and I plan on being in your professional position in five years time. I'm long winded, especially when passionate about a topic, but I will do my best be simple and short in hopes that you'll read this message to completion.

    In a somewhat recent special on E! you discussed Michael Jackson's Invincible album. The album (before his death) sold 10 million copies world wide, but was considered a "failure" by American media. As the student in this correspondence I don't have educate you on the way that the American public receives and reacts to celebrities and their work when rumors or other tabloid nonsense is buzzing around that artist. I've listened to Invincible numerous times and was honestly in disbelief when I saw and heard you say Invincible failed due to the fact that there were no good tracks on the album. As someone I look up to, you almost broke my heart with those words. I hoped you said it simply out of attempting to agree with mainstream American media or because you hadn't listened to the album in its entirety.

    Invincible has several meaningful ballads that could have (and I believe still can be) unifying, globally acknowledged messages. Tracks worth mentioning are "Cry" and "Lost Children." Personally my favorite track is "Whatever Happens" which I can only imagine if given the chance would have been accompanied by the western style short film Michael Jackson had been dreaming about since putting togeher ideas for "Smooth Criminal."

    I would love nothing more than to hear your detailed opinion on the album Invincible. It is now my immediate goal, interest and dream to know what you -- once an icon for me -- think of Michael Jackson's final new-track album. Hearing your feedback is second to having the opportunity to interview Michael himself, in my opinion.

    Thank you for your time if in fact this message crossed your path and you had a chance to read it. I'll see you at Rollingstone some day! Thank you."

  • Michael Jackson: Motivation for my Life.

    10. Jul. 2009, 23:46

    I'm not certain if anyone has ever noticed me on Last.FM, but if you have thanks! Here's a short description of something very important to me: I want to be a music journalist, I want to interview artists not for taploids or anything unrelated to their creativity. I think it's needless to say, with that goal in mind, the absolute pinncle of my career was supposed to be someday interviewing Michael Jackson. I'm serious, that's my driving force, so it's safe to say I was heartbroken for multiple reasons when he passed.

    Now, my goal in life is to live up to his word in terms of tabloids and music journalism. I plan on being a very well known reporter, not for reporting on taboo, mostly false and slanderous topics the way most reporters do today (without a doubt including Martin Bashir in that group), but well known for the relevance of my interviews, my positivity, and my ability to crush rumors that may pop up before they have the chance to hurt an artist the way a lot of the rumors still circulating today emotionally hurt Michael Jackson.

    So this is my first journal entry on It's a journal entry letting -- basically the world (if all the world is going to past by this page) -- know that I'm dedicating my career, most of my future and whatever part of my life I can to Michael Jackson's legacy, intelligence, creativity and the motivation he put in me directly or otherwise.

    Thank you for reading!
    If for whatever reason you dislike Michael Jackson or disagree with anything I've written I'd really appreciate it if you decided simply not to comment at all. Thank you.
    Lost Children
    Michael Jackson

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