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OriginAntithesis 27. Mär., 22:56
All That RemainsThis Calling Lieblingslied 27. Mär., 22:53
MeshuggahRational Gaze 27. Mär., 22:48
Iron MaidenThe Trooper Lieblingslied 27. Mär., 22:43
Cannibal CorpseEvidence In The Furnace Lieblingslied 27. Mär., 22:41
NileAnnihilation of the Wicked 27. Mär., 22:32
OpethIn My Time of Need Lieblingslied 27. Mär., 22:26
DragonForceOperation Ground And Pound Lieblingslied 27. Mär., 22:18
AlestormShipwrecked Lieblingslied 27. Mär., 22:15
OpethThe Devil's Orchard 27. Mär., 22:08
Unleash the ArchersDawn of Ages Lieblingslied 27. Mär., 22:03
Molotov SolutionThe Final Hour 27. Mär., 21:59
Evan brewerActualize 27. Mär., 21:53
After the BurialParise 27. Mär., 21:49
EluveitieLuxtos 27. Mär., 21:45
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Über mich

I like metal (as you can see below), classic rock, some alternative, punk, and great guitarists/shredders. I mostly listen to death metal. I respect other forms of music, I just may not personally enjoy them. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. I'm a physics and math tutor. I am a martial artist with belts in tae kwon do, karate, judo and jujitsu. My vocal style is often seen in hardcore, metalcore, deathcore, melodeath, and death metal. My former band is Trigger The Rage (deathcore/metalcore). I am learning to play guitar and piano. Leave a shout. Btw if you try to friend me I will try to talk to you.

my music listening evolution:

childhood: started out with classic rock (beatles, led zeppelin, yes etc), pop, 90s pop punk (sum 41, blink 182), and some classical music (Beethoven, Mozart).
became a rock fan.

middle school: started listening to more hard rock/nu metal (disturbed, dope, linkin park) and glam metal/hair metal (guns and roses, white snake, def leppard).

high school: still listened to nu metal (slipknot), listened to metallica's master of puppets and from then on started to pursue more "extreme" forms of music.
got into a lot of metalcore (trivium, all that remains, as i lay dying, lamb of god), then got into death metal/melodic death metal (cannibal corpse, children of bodom) as well as black metal (dimmu borgir), also became fully obsessed with metal in general listening to more iron maiden, slayer, nevermore, dragonforce, into eternity anything really.

college: got into more "brutal" death metal but stopped at grindcore(i dont like anal cunt), listened to more deathcore (suicide silence, carnifex), explored more tech death(necrophagist, brain drill, spawn of possession), for a while was interested in the fastest shred guitarists.

current/college: interested in some punk(rise against, anti-flag, black flag, rancid), death metal(decrepit birth, dying fetus, arsis), melodic death metal (eluveitie, the black dahlia murder, carcass) technical metal/death metal (coroner, spastic ink, biomechanical, blotted science, the faceless, beneath the massacre, brain drill) , mathcore (the dillinger escape plan, psyOpus), progressive extreme metal (progressive metal/metalcore/deathcore/deathmetal/black metal) (animals as leaders, between the buried and me, rings of saturn, obscura, borknagar), black metal (immortal, 1349) "good" metalcore (though some would argue that doesn't exist lol) (The Agonist), very little experimental metal (crotchduster, iwrestledabearonce), some alternative music and whatever.

Bands I've Seen Live (from what I can remember, in alphabetical order):

A Wilhelm Scream
Alkaline Trio
All That Remains (x2)
Amon Amarth
As I Lay Dying
Asking Alexandria (x2)
Avenged Sevenfold (x2)
Behemoth (x2)
Between The Buried And Me
Body Count (feat. Ice-T)
Bon Jovi
Born of Osiris
Bullet For My Valentine
Butcher Babies
Cannibal Corpse (x3)
Cerebral Bore
Children of Bodom
Diamond Plate
Dimmu Borgir
Dying Fetus
Fear Nuttin Band (x2)
Five Finger Death Punch
God Forbid (x2)
Hate Eternal
I The Breather
Ill Nino
Job For a Cowboy (x3)
Keep of Kalessin
Killswitch Engage
Less Than Jake
Machine Head (x2)
Marilyn Manson
Miss May I
Motionless in White
Mushroom Head
Papa Roach
Perfect Thyroid
Rise Against
Rob Zombie
Seven Year Existence
Slayer (x2)
Soul 4 Sale
Stone Sour
Suicide Silence
Surgical Strike
The Black Dahlia Murder (x2)
The Contortionist
The Faceless
Three Days Grace
Three Inches of Blood
Trivium (x2)
Upon a Burning Body
Veil of Maya
Weird Al Yankovic (x2)
Whitechapel (x2)

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