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Über mich

Check out my music

This site isn't a good representation of what I listen to because I normally play music on my stereo or in my car. I've got a huge vinyl collection and for some reason, they won't fit into my disc drive. For the record (get it? record?), I don't just listen to folk all the time, in fact my music collection is huge and it consists of rock, metal, blues, jazz, electronica, classical and some country, as well as folk.

I play guitar, here are some of my influences:
David Gilmour
Peter Green
Andrew Latimer
Robert Fripp
Frank Zappa
Rory Gallagher
Paul Kossoff
Allan Holdsworth
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Steve Hackett
Stefan Koglek
Tony Iommi
Wes Montgomery
Bert Jansch
Mike Oldfield
Don Anderson
John Haughm
Steven Wilson
Andy Powell
Laurie Wisefield
Jimmy Page

I'm willing to give out my msn, aim, skype, facebook, etc if you want to get a hold of me since I'm not on much, but you'll have to check with me first.

this is my new favorite song

I try to support local music:

Witch Mountain
Red Fang

you should watch this

"Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid." - Frank Zappa