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"serving up ideas the size of double d's"

Every neighborhood has a green box. Kids play on it, parents plant around it, and dogs... well... dogs piss on it. The box sits, unassuming, mysterious, but constantly humming with energy, providing each home with the power to get `er done. We are that box. We are the Dept Of Energy...

...A tight group of creative problem solvers and cultural specialists that have been fused together several years and counting. We breathe in the fresh air of the Pacific Northwest: A melting pot of culture, music, technology, outdoor enthusiasts and caffeinated creativity.

It is within this vibrant environment where our cross disciplinary design boutique thrives, specializing in customization within environmental, product & graphic design that targets the youth demographic along with independent thinkers in the retail, lifestyle & recreation markets.

Collectively, our skills are complimented through our experience as graphic designers, industrial designers, visual merchandisers, storytellers, craftsmen and artists.

And just like that green box, behind the walls of the Dept Of Energy sits a powerhouse waiting to help you turn it up a notch. In the immortal words of our forefathers, "For those about to rock, we salute you"...just keep your dogs at bay.

Spy on our personal music profiles as well. Peace, free love & Rock n Roll.

[Bryce, get on it,buddy!]

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