• Jeff Caudill: Sing along with it

    31. Jan. 2009, 23:54

    You may know Jeff Caudill from his early `90s band, GameFace. Since then he has recorded music as a solo artist, recently releasing Try To Be Here. Fernanda Alcantara (, Brazilian music journalist, sat down with Jeff for this exclusive interview.

    Let’s talk about your new album, “Try To Be Here”. What was the inspiration behind it’s creation?

    I had been working on this album for a long time and I am so happy that it’s finally done. All the albums I¹ve made have told a story about my life and this one is really special because it¹s for my wife and daughter. It¹s a very uplifting and comforting group of songs. Lyrically, it¹s a little different from my previous albums ­ and I am happy to be in the place I am in my life to make this one.

    What song on “Try To Be Here” was the most difficult for you to write? Could you tell me?

    I feel like a lot of these songs came pretty easy. They weren¹t done quickly, but they felt right as they went down. I usually agonize over lyrics because I want to make sure that every word is right and the one that I was most critical of is “Song About a Pisces”. It¹s about my wife. And of course I wanted to make sure it was going to do her justice. I wrote at least three versions of the music ­ different beat, different vocal melody, different instrumentation, etc until it felt right. The band really helped out with that. Some of the lyrics were from a song idea I had while writing “Here’s What You Should Do”. I kept the good stuff and just kept writing until I was happy with it.

    How was the recording process different for you in a comparison between “Here’s What You Should Do” and “Try To Be Here”?

    I did “Here’s What You Should Do” before I had a proper band so most of that album was just me and Robbie with a few random musicians filling in the gaps. There¹s a handful of songs on “Try To Be Here” that were recorded like that but most of them were recorded with the band ­ as they should be. I really missed the luxury of having a full band that knows all the material and just loves to play. And nothing beats the sound of a band of individuals playing together. There¹s just a different spirit to the songs I recorded with the band. I am so fortunate to be playing with these guys. They are super talented and always a lot of fun.

    How was the process of Popeye [Farside] get involved with it?

    I’d wanted to play in a band with him for years. We’ve been friends for a long time and we always talked about doing a band together but never got around to it. I think we shied away from it at first because we¹re both songwriters and I think neither of us wanted to step on the other’s toes. He’s always been a favorite songwriter of mine and there were many years where he wasn¹t doing much music at all so I asked if he would play lead guitar in the band. It has worked out really well. We¹ve also been writing some music together for a new project that should happen sometime this year I hope.

    I’ve listened a couple songs of Random Access Memories of your side-project, Floormodel. Very good stuff indeed. I’ve read that you and David Stoll recorded the album without ever meeting in person, is it true?

    Yeah, that was a very interesting project. I actually did meet David once in Germany when I was doing a solo acoustic tour in 2006. We began corresponding via email. He had been a fan of my music for over a decade and asked if I would be interested in donating my time and voice for a little electronic music project. He emailed me some really interesting loops he created and asked if I could come up with some vocals. So I did. I wrote some lyrics, set up a mic in my room and sang them. I played some guitar along with it. I sent him mp3s of all my tracks. The next day he sent the song with my vocals and guitars beautifully placed, sliced, cut and pasted into the song and it was done. The first songs went down so well that we decided to make a bigger project out of it and a year later, we had 12 songs. We did the whole thing without ever being in the same room together. It was a pretty amazing experience.

    Are you proud of it?

    Very! Electronic music is a little bit out of my comfort zone as an artist. But I think we ended up making something that suits both of us.

    Once we’re talking about internet miracles, I know you have a twitter account and updated it frequently. How do you feel about it?

    I always feel like I¹m a little late to all these fancy new internet things. I just started using Twitter. I¹m not sure that I know why I am using it but it’s fun I guess. I don¹t know how to get fans to follow me there but if you have a twitter account, look me up.

    Talking about memories, what GameFace/ March songs mean the most to you on a personal/professional level? Is there one that you’d like to forget? What are your greatest memories from that time?

    We could go on for hours, maybe days, about the memories that surround Gameface/March and all of the songs. There¹s a memory associated with each and every song. One moment I¹d like to share is about the song “Only Chance We Get” ­ which deals with the suicide of Gameface¹s original drummer. That song had always been an anthem for us as friends and as band mates. We played that song at just about every show ­ as it was kind of our way to remember Bob. We did a show in Philadelphia in 1996. There was a moment in that song where the microphone had fallen off the stand. And as I reached to pick it up I could hear everyone singing along - and it was loud. I remember my eyes tearing up as I looked out to see all these people so moved by the words. I had the microphone in my hand but I just kind of stood there and listened. That¹s a moment where you know you¹ve done something right.

    What is your feeling to the “emo” scene in the past? Did you see yourself as a part of it or anything?

    I¹ve been told that Gameface is one of those bands that happened before their time. And I¹ve read that we were one of the unsung pioneers of the emo scene. I¹m not sure if either of these statements are completely true but it¹s nice to be remembered for what you¹ve done. I know there are bands that were influenced by us, but there are a number of bands that influenced Gameface that never got their time in the spotlight as well so I try not to place too much importance on that.

    If you had your a big record label, what unsigned bands would you sign and why?

    If I had a big label, I wouldn¹t want to ruin the careers of the independent bands that I love so I wouldn¹t sign any of them. I would just be a fan.

    What are you listening, watching to and/or reading right now?

    This past year I really liked albums from The Gaslight Anthem, The Hold Steady, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Adam Franklin, Drag The River, Death Cab For Cutie, Old 97s and My Morning Jacket. I recently saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button¹ and that movie was a trip.

    What bands do you think more people should take notice of?

    My band of course!
  • No Use For A Name @ Canecão RJ

    18. Aug. 2007, 7:20

    [event=229483]Tue 14 Aug – No Use for a Name[/event]
    por Leandro Carvalho

    Noite de terça-feira agitada no Canecão, . Após no mínimo dez anos de espera por alguns, era chegada a hora do tão esperadona terra do Cristo Redentor. O show era previsto para iniciar às 8:30, o que foi impossível de acontecer devido a quantidade de pessoas que ainda compraram seus respectivos ingressos na bilheteria na hora; a maioria delas voltando do trabalho ou matando os últimos tempos de aula da faculdade.

    Depois de um significativo atraso, inicia se um agitozinho vindo por detrás das cortinas do palco do Canecão; alguns minutos depois as cortinas se abriram para dar espaço a um belo jogo de luzes e música trance no melhor estilo rave, onde se repetia o nome da banda por várias vezes. Alguns segundos depois, entravam em palco Tony Sly e Cia para detonar um set list feito sobre medida para os apreciadores da banda.

    O show começa com Invincible, música certeira e que constava na ponta da língua da maioria presente. O show segue com Chasing Rainbows, The Answer Is Still No, Dumb Reminders, pre medicated murder e investiram músicas do novo album (mas nem tão bom quanto os anteriores) como Part Two e For Fiona.

    Durante todo o show, o carismático baixista Matt Riddle interagia com o publico e seus companheiros de palco. o Show continua passeando por todos os discos com músicas como On The Outside, Coming Too Close, Soulmate, Six Degrees From Misy, Let Me Down, a versão deles para Redemption Song do Bob Marley, Exit, Justified Black Eye e Nailed Shut, fora uma bela homenagem ao Misfits. Logo após a volta para o bis, como não poderia deixar de ser, tocaram a esperada International You Day (com a intro Feels Like Home ), Straight From The Jacket, e para não decepcionar os fãs oldschool, fecharam com Feeding The Fire do Daily Grind.
  • What's your opinion about Minus The Bear new one?

    10. Jun. 2007, 14:32

    Minus the Bear's Planet of ice is definitely beautiful, mature and united. My favorite track is Throwin' Shapes though. What about yours?
  • Review - Medications, Udora, Noção de Nada @ Teatro Odisséia

    4. Mai. 2007, 5:12

    Me faltam palavras.

    Me faltam sim, palavras pra descrever a minha sensação ao acordar hoje de manhã sobrevivente de um dos shows que vai entrar pra história, pra minha é claro, e talvez pra mais uma meia dúzia por aí.

    Debate, Medications, Noção de Nada e Udora - line up especial e frenético para uma noite de segunda-feira no Centro do Rio de janeiro. Ah, sem contar os oldschool Buzzcocks que estavam tocando na arena ao lado, melhor dizendo no "Circo" ao lado, executando o lado mais punk da parada.

    Escolhas a parte, feita a minha, eis que chego atrasada, perdendo assim o show do Debate. Entro no Teatro Ódisséia e Medications já tá no palco ensaiando seu primeiros acordes. Tentei chegar o mais rápido possível perto do palco, mas enfim, estava lá eu de frente para os malucos mais mongolóides - musicalmente falando - que eu tivera visto ao vivo nos últimos tempos. Show excepcional, músicos incríveis e feeling à flor da pele - tanto dos caras quanto a uma boa parte da platéia em si. Reciprocidade "feelinlática", por assim dizer. Não tenho como dizer o set list da parada, porque não anotei nada tampouco tirei fotos. Mas posso dizer que "...Or At Least As Bad", me arrepiou de verdade. Músicas grandes na maioria das vezes, infelizmente resultam em shows curtos: foi o caso, queria mais.

    Acabado o show do Medications, começa logo a tocar Samiam na discotecagem aleatória do Pedrinho (Cooper Cobras). Enquanto isso, o Noção de prepara para o seu show, que na verdade pra muitos ali, seria a atração principal da noite, porém com um agravante: gravação do primeiro dvd dos caras. Começaram com "Aspirina" e tocaram todas, ou todas do disco "Sem Gelo" sem contar as clássicas "Diploma" e a particamente gringa "Ímpar".A galera agitou pra cacete e participou em todos os sons, inclusive em "Power Mono" que tem um vocal foda no finzinho: "Papapapá"... A galera pediu muito "Vitrine" mas acabaram não tocando.No fim, o carismático Bil disse que teriam de repetir "Aspirina" por conta da gravação e é claro ninguém se incomodou. Showzaço, como era de se esperar.

    Ao som de "The Future Freaks Me Out" do Motion City Soundtrack, eu dançava meio que apreensiva e ansiosa pelo show do Udora. As especulações em torno dos sons em português e a nova fase dos caras não era das melhores. Enfim, sorridente e simpático ao extremo, Gustavo, vocalista/guitarrista do Udora apresentou a banda, começando logo com 4 porradas:"Faith And Reason", "Breathing life", "Pieces" e "Fade Away" - minhas favoritas do Udora (por coincidência), muito bem executadas apesar de sem peso. Tocaram umas músicas do disco novo, "Goodbye Alô", em português que particularmente não gostei, mas uma boa parte da galera sim; tocaram também clássicos do Diesel, como "Drain" e "Plastic Smile" muito fodas, que apesar da afinação baixa não deixaram nada a desejar.

    E lá se foi mais uma noite de shows fodas pra ficar na lembrança.
    [event=][/event]MedicationsDebateNoção de NadaUdora
  • Cursive's Happy Hollow.

    20. Jun. 2006, 16:32

    What's opinion about the new one from Cursive, Happy Hollow?
  • what's your favorite album ever?

    30. Mai. 2006, 15:11

    Cursive's domestica is definitly the greatest album ever in my opinion.