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John LegendSave the Night 28. Mai. 2014
John LegendHold on Longer 28. Mai. 2014
John LegendAll of Me 28. Mai. 2014
John LegendWho Do We Think We Are 28. Mai. 2014
John LegendMade to Love 28. Mai. 2014
John LegendOpen Your Eyes 28. Mai. 2014
John LegendThe Beginning... 28. Mai. 2014
John LegendLove in the Future (intro) 28. Mai. 2014
John LegendIf You're Out There 28. Mai. 2014
John LegendI Love, You Love 28. Mai. 2014
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Über mich

I'm a Real Prince fan from way back! I listen to all kinds of music from Rock to Celtic Flute an Whistle, Blues, BlueGrass, Hip Hop, Trip hop U name it I can prolly Dig it or at least somethiN aboot it. If U hear something Hot and really need to tell some1 aboot it Hit me up. Would love to meet some Fellow O'le School, New School friends and Fam.

12- 07 -10
Yo! I gotta new tag "so sexxxy". If you think you know a song that should have that tag please tag it or let me know what songs U think I should tag.
hook a brotha up

1 more thing. Check my journal. I wanna try something new. "Who do U Love?".


8 11 09 Yo! I'm really feelN it 2nite. Just wondering if U've ever met a muse? U know that person or somethN that sets your "Thang" on fire! LOL! Not like a STD U silly Biatches! U know. Like yo "Thang" that "Thang" that makes U feel like U're your best U! Got my pen DanceN 2nite wish I could share it w/ U! The Hottness! 7 inches from the mid day sun. MayB if U ask like super nice.... ? Mayb...

Yo! I try 2 let my pen dance from time 2 time. Check out my journal, lemme know if U're feelN it?

7 13 09 Got a new joint "If U only knew" Was thoroughly inspired 4Real! Let me know if U like it Hot!!!




If U really wanna find me... Kevin L. Jones on the FaceBook

6 25 09 RIP Micheal Jackson and Farah Fawcett U will B missed...

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