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Element EightyParachute Lieblingslied 26. Feb. 2011
Escape the FateSituations Lieblingslied 26. Feb. 2011
Lil' WayneLollipop Lieblingslied 26. Feb. 2011
Cute Is What We Aim ForThere's A Class For This 24. Feb. 2011
ConfideI Am Scared Of Me 24. Feb. 2011
BlessthefallBlack Rose Dying Lieblingslied 24. Feb. 2011
Crazy TownButterfly Lieblingslied 24. Feb. 2011
The CabCan You Keep A Secret? Lieblingslied 24. Feb. 2011
Jay-Z and Linkin ParkNumb/Encore Lieblingslied 24. Feb. 2011
Cage the ElephantBack Against the Wall Lieblingslied 24. Feb. 2011
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Über mich

well...i'm obsessed with music <3 I like, no not like, LOVE all kinds :)
i can't stand ignorant people.
if there's anything you want to know...just ask!!
i also love to go to shows! :)
my dream show would be linkin park and evanescence <3
or one of my own... :)
oh and...
how hard is it to skip the song if you don't like it or the artist? is it really that hard? why don't you do that instead of posting stupid hate all over this shit.
kthanks. :)