"Oceans And Atmospheres" Compilation Now Available


27. Jul. 2009, 23:19

Deep Lever has just released the "Oceans and Atmospheres" compilation, which focuses on electronic ambient and downtempo music.

We've released this album under a Creative Commons license and it's available as a FREE download.

The album can be downloaded at this page:


Please share it with your friends!!!!


1. Incantations Of Incandescence -Dino Dumandan
2. Dystop- Kress
3. Parallel Worlds- Tom Lynn
4. Subway Meditation 09 ("Oceans" Version)- Michael Bross
5. Lights In The Clearing- Unius
6. One More Time- The Heavy Skies
7. Silent Expectations- Steve Burkholder
8. Refraction Rarefaction- Dino Dumandan
9. Nirvana From A Suitcase- Michael Bross
Akzeptierte Übermittlungen
IDM, Downtempo, Ethereal, Ambient, Lounging Sound


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