• brothers of metal \m/

    21. Apr. 2011, 5:29

    Wed 20 Apr – Accept, Sabaton, Warmachine, Ash Lee Blade

    well, it was just FUCKING AWESOME, you know
    I got there late, I had a headache and was starving, I had no cash to buy some food or a drink, but those 60 bucks I payed at the door were totally worth it!

    Club is easy to get to and to find, but I got there late and Ash Lee Blade were already on the stage. The moment I stepped into the club I realized how cool its gonna be, atmosphere of metal and brotherhood, or equality, whatever. Those guys were so loud and kinda oldsckool and that was just great. My headache disappeared right away!

    Next were Sabaton, whom fans expected almost as much as Accept, but anyway. Their songs are all about wars and victories and stuff like that, they were so cool. And Joakim Brodén was so energetic, cheering the crowd and so sincere, though joked about his cock for a few times. Anyway, these two bands are definitely worth adding to your library.
    Nice thing to hear was Final Countdown in between Ash Lee Blade's and Sabaton's performances, everyone was singing and it felt so warm and friendly there.

    Finally, headliners stepped onto the stage. To tell the truth, that was almost the awesomest thing Ive ever seen or felt. I was just amazing and thrilling, when Wolf Hoffmann and Peter Baltes played together, I just could not take pictures of it, you had to be there, if not. well, you're a loser and have to die. It was THAT cool.

    Also I got a mediator for Peter Baltes! hell yeah!
    Atmosphere was very nice, people hugging each other, felt like a big heavy metal family, just as it had to be


    nice thing I met Wolf Hoffmann in person, thanked him and told he has some fans in good old Ukraine too, you know, their music almost raised me instead of my teachers and crap.

    And one more nice thing - I met that guy, - Sergey there, we were born a few hundred miles and a few decades away from each other, but met in Toronto, kinda nice guy with great music taste. Sergey, if you are reading this, thanks for a ride and Michael Angel is great!

    I shot some videos and took few hundred of pictures, but I have a project due tomorrow, so Ill post some links in comments tomorrow, so you can, you know, take a look
  • one love

    15. Apr. 2011, 1:51

    well, after three weeks of ignoring my ipod and leaving it at home every morning, I overcame my hate to it and uploaded full AC/DC, Spleen and White Stripes discography and that made me fall in love with it once again
    plus I got new 1tb hd, soo hello, mew stuff
    everythings boring and totally uncool though
  • The Go! Team

    11. Apr. 2011, 5:04

    Sun 10 Apr – The Go! Team, Dom, Chang-a-lang

    Good stuff, good stuff
    The venue, Opera house, is easy to find and clean enough, but if you want to leave your coat in lobby, prepare to pay 3 bucks, and yeah, they won't take your bag or purse
    Though I got there late, I caught Chang-a-lang performing, and those guys pretty much rocked, but Dom, well, the guy on vocals had his hair all over his face and well, I dont really like scary hairy scarecrows jumping and singing, but that was one cool punk band
    The Go! Team have asses big enough to let their fans wait ONE hour before they start. I like watching staff cleaning the stage and reconnecting all the cords and crap, but that's ridiculous - ONE fucking hour on my feet. But when they finally started it was awesome as hell! But I was to tired, though
    Next time they better take care of their fans
    But that was soooo coooooool, their live performance is way sicker than listening to mp3's