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4. Sep. 2007, 23:36

So., 2. Sep. – The Gossip, The Bianca Story
So much energy, So much interaction.
And a show, much too short. Beth Ditto rocks and she showed it superbly on sunday night in Zurich. Her overpresence regrettly outshined guitar- and drums-player. Nevermind : stage was small enough to get everyone notice the band's talent as a whole.

Beginning with songs from last album, Beth Ditto tried some words in German in between "Proscht, Ein Lied auf Schwizer-Deutsch" ! She even tried to sing one song in German: "Milch ist weiss" or something like that. Ending first part with "Standin' in the Way of Control", the audience called her back on stage. And "Listen Up" might have actually been best song of the night !

No doubt: The Gossip is of the best punk-band alive !
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  • medianstrip

    zurich is milch und fleisch, fleisch und milch. so she tried to sing a german song. ;))

    5. Sep. 2007, 13:57
  • deejay2502

    Yeah, she definitely tried, but I didn't undertsand it quite well. Though I'm getting used to Schwizer-Deutsch, now ! What kind of song is THAT ? [i]Zurich ist Milch und Fleisch. [/i] Gruesse !

    5. Sep. 2007, 14:39
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