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I am here to change the way you view Dealerships Personnel. There is a great travesty in the automotive industry today and it is the unethical Third Party Lead Sites. I am here to change this starting with The Easley, Greer and Greenville SC Market. After I have Made my mark throughout South Carolina, I will make my way to North Carolina, Georgia and Tennesse. Stay Tuned!

Enter Social Media Networking. Notice a Change in the Blog title from "Internet Director" to "Social Networks Director" this comes after months of evolution, into an automotive executive who understands the value of having a modern, relevant way to engage shoppers. Gone of the days of BULL HORN, yellow caution tape, tent sales, flashy banners on AGGREGATOR sites etc. You deserve to have a true, transparent, continuing relationship with your automotive dealership. You DESERVE, look at the vehicle you purchase before answering questions about money and BEFORE you spend Lots of money on transportation.


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