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Nicki MinajStupid Hoe 2. Feb., 10:24
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Cover DriveTwilight 2. Feb., 10:17
RihannaYou Da One 2. Feb., 10:14
Kelly RowlandDown for Whatever 2. Feb., 10:10
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Über mich

When I say I love you. You say you don't deserve it. When I say I need you . You say I deserve someone better, When I say my life is better with you. You say I don't know any better. But when I kiss you, you say I love you, When I have to go, you say I need you. When I am with you, you know, that there is no better feeling then our love coming together and that is something we both deserve.

Some people believe that holding on and hanging in there are signs of strength. However, there are times in life in which it takes much more strength to just let go.

Life is filled with happiness, sadness, tears, smiles, laughter and other emotions but when life gets you down, just be strong about it and keep your head up high and have faith in all things in life. Always remember: God is at your side, always.

If ever you may have a big problem, don't say, 'God I have a big problem!', but instead; 'Hey Problem, I have a big God and everything will be okay!

Somewhere there's someone who dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worthwhile. So, when you are lonely remember it's true: somebody, somewhere is thinking of you. x

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