4: REVIEW - We're Not Superheroes Anymore - If All Else Fails...


14. Okt. 2011, 21:24

We're Not Superheroes Anymore - If All Else Fails...
★ ★ ★☆☆ - Discogs
Brought: 14th October 2011 Paid: 10p

I picked this one up, not sure on what was going to be inside. To be honest its quite a misleading cover/design. To me at first I thought I was expecting something of the genre, or maybe even . I weighed this up with the title, and came to the conclusion that it must be a band of some sort, and thought it could possibly be an attempt. But no. Completely different and I'm currently listening to a / mini-album.

That's another thing. Forget a track-listing on the rear sleeve, it makes no sense - maybe even to the original Gracenote submitter who decided gfdgfdgfd was a suitable title *facepalm*.

Anyway, THE MUSIC. I'm not one to talk to about post-hardcore, forget anything 'heavier' - i.e. or what ever other stupid 'core' name its given now. I'm usually drawn towards the emo style, but can be extremely fussy and have accepted bands such as Jimmy Eat World and Brand New yet turned away bands like Vendetta Red and Aiden (I know, i know VRed are but hey - its still emo-tional). This isn't actually that 'hard' of a record, and moves more towards the emo category... with the occasional 'scream'. Which I don't mind. The lyrics are, typical - usually about break-up, and girls, and suffering. Not superb song-writing i'll admit on par with something from the mind of Jesse Lacey - but adequate. The instrument skills are again, enough to make it listenable - but don't expect any Steve Vai guitar playing. The vocals... well as i said I'm not a guru on post-hardcore or screamo, and I'll put my hand up to not knowing the difference between and inhale and exhaled scream. But I do know a good singing voice! Its emo, so I'm not expecting Meat Loaf vocals (would be pretty cool though!).. they aren't exactly harmonic, and more spoken (similar to Brand New) but not shouted (they opt to scream those parts).

I have put this album in my collection... to give it a few more 'closer' listens... its slowly growing on me.


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