David A. Mattatall, 29, Männlich, Kanada
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Cycheouts GhostNODAL POINT 19. Aug., 4:42
Tom WaitsDirt In The Ground 17. Aug., 19:00
Tom WaitsEarth Died Screaming Lieblingslied 17. Aug., 18:56
Dancing DJs vs RoxetteFading Like A Flower [Discode Remix] 17. Aug., 18:40
Tim MaloneyVideo Killed The Radio Star 17. Aug., 18:43
Stark EffectWe Like Repartee (The Dictionay Mix) 17. Aug., 18:39
386 DXEnter Sandman 17. Aug., 18:33
ClinicPorno Lieblingslied 15. Aug., 6:02
The MicrophonesGet Off The Internet Lieblingslied 15. Aug., 5:52
Glissandro 70Bolan Muppets 15. Aug., 5:44
HankBaby's Bible 15. Aug., 5:41
The Kallikak FamilyTop Gun 15. Aug., 5:37
The Creeping NobodiesExhult 15. Aug., 5:32
They Shoot Horses Don't TheyOne Last Final Push 15. Aug., 5:29
Les MouchesCarload of Whatever 15. Aug., 5:24
The Weird WeedsHoly Train Wrecks 15. Aug., 4:38
Pet PoliticsSunday morning kostenloser Download 13. Aug., 7:25
Feu ThérèseVisage sous nylon Lieblingslied 13. Aug., 7:16
The BlankketHey Ya! Lieblingslied 13. Aug., 7:15
Raising the FawnAutumn 13. Aug., 7:13
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Über mich

I'm $AGE
I'm [young|old|aging].

I won't live long enough to experience everything that I want to experience at this moment.

I listen to everything and reflect the best of this back onto my friends, family and accomplices. The word "everything" is bandied about quite often. I, however, do my best to listen to every genre, sub-genre, and non-genre of music out there.

Recording of a fucked up radiator. I'll listen.
Terrible screamo band's album I've downloaded. I'll listen.
electronic blip bloops with no rhyme, reason or meter. I'll most definitely listen.

You got it, I'd like to listen to it. I'd prefer that it be music.

What I LIKE however tends to be light-hearted songs about decay and loss, or dark songs about buttons and kitties. Anything off-kilter or interesting is what I love. Mash-up's are keen, covers are oftentimes masturbatory and boring but they can sometimes transcend the source material (Bedhead's cover of "Believe" by Cher is an example of this).

Provoke me with art and I will defend my body with judgment, that is sort of the way I am.

I also love dancing!

I run a record label NEEDS MORE RAM and a record Distro Ram Ram Records

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