• Not your regular concert. Not your regular band.

    31. Mär. 2013, 23:28

    Lun 25 Mar – Sigur Rós, Tim Hecker

    I knew I wasn't going to a regular concert, I didn't expect people to sing their songs or to be jumping up and down from their seats. I didn't expect Jónsi to be this super charismatic stage performer able to drive all the women (and some men) into hysterical frenzy with his sex appeal, quite the opposite actually. Nonetheless, despite having been glued to my seat and in some relative silence just until the very well deserved stand-up ovation, it was the most intense concert of my life. It was cathartic, mesmerizing and hypnotizing. The intensity and purity of the sound, the lights, Jónsi's mermaid-like voice and the whole ambience were a perfect combination and an emotional blast.
  • Estéreo Picnic

    10. Apr. 2011, 7:25

    Sat 9 Apr – Festival Estéreo Picnic 2011

    Oí que estéreo picnic era el concierto nuestra tierra de los hipsters. No hay mejor definición. El nombre del concierto perfectamente podría ser Dickhead Convention Colombia 2011 igual, demasiado chevere un ambiente genial, buena música, buena comida, muy buena organización y logistica. Lo único malo... me robaron el celular maldita sea.