65DAYSOF STATIC Live in Chicago


18. Mai. 2008, 16:54

I saw this band last night at Subterranean, and I must admit I felt nothing less than complete awe.

I am now convinced that the best way to judge a good live band is by watching how well they perform during a complete collapse of their equipment; 65 made a heroic stand on this part.

The power to the stage cut off several times in the middle of their set, but, instead of stopping and calling out the technicians, each band member dropped whatever instrument they were playing and ran to a possible problem area. The damage control was very similar to sailors manning their stations on a sinking ship.

In the end, they managed to create a perfect transition between RETREAT!RETREAT!RETREAT! and AOD with a busted synth loop and out-of-tune guitars. Brilliant stuff.

At the end of the night, I managed to grab a beer-soaked set-list as a memento. I took a closer look, and noticed that they doodled a picture next to every song, a tiny visual pun. Definitely one of the best live-shows I've seen yet.


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