• Between the Buried and Me, Cynic, Devin Townsend, and Scale the Summit

    6. Feb. 2010, 1:09

    Wed 3 Feb – Between the Buried and Me, Cynic, Devin Townsend Project, Scale The Summit

    We were a bit late and missed most of Scale the Summit's set, but what was left was definitely enjoyable, though a bit generic. Some of the better instrumental prog/math rock I've heard. Not really my thing, but I enjoyed it.

    The Devin Townsend Project completely stole the show. The only bad thing about his performace was how short it was. You can say what you want about his music, but the man's got the greatest stage presence I've ever seen. With his sense of humor, confidence, and just plain awesome musicianship and vocals, he's sure to grab quite a few new fans on this tour. A truly legendary entertainer. His performance of Supercrush! Was particularly noteworthy. If you missed this tour, this is truly what you missed.

    Cynic had a few issues in the beginning of their set involving a drumset that wasn't correctly put together (damned roadies!!!) and ended up playing a six or seven minute ambient intro with Paul Masdival rocking a really shoegazey tone on his guitar. The crowd grew restless, but they eventually exploded into Nunc Fluens and The Space For This nicely, and tore through a mostly Traced in Air set, but included Celestial Voyage off of Focus and a new song entitled Wheels Within Wheels. Their staple, Veil of Maya, was missing as their normal encore probably due to the issues they had at the beginning of their set. But, as you'd expect, they comprimised with a truly inspiring rendition of "King of Those Who Know" and even having the crowd do a bit of yoga.

    Between the Buried and Me were decent. They played well, had great presence, and really got the crowd moving, which was my main annoyance. I have no issues with people getting into the music and moving, but when ALL YOU CARE about is getting up front at the expense of other people, you don't really care about the music, just getting close to 'famous people'. Grow up. They tore through Ants of the Sky very well before performing Swim to the Moon, which was probably the low point of their set. Eighteen minutes just drags, especially when you're playing a prog song greatly influenced by Dream Theater. Also, don't let the guy who does the lights do vocals anymore. They were bad. After an encore of White Walls, BTBAM stepped off and all of their scene fans left. They can perform well, but their fans really do ruin their shows. I saw them in 2008 and it wasn't even CLOSE to like this.