Black blues rock from The Keys...!!!


13. Jul. 2010, 9:22

After seeing The Black Keys for the first time at this years Glastonbury I was a little disapointed as I thought they would have been a little grittier. Luckily this disnt put me off seeing them a few days later in Manchester. The band frickin rocked. Great guitar licks and tricks with monster stompy drums. Real treat. If you like The White Stripes and Seasick Steve then The Black Keys are right up your street. They tower above the competition.
In the middle of the set they brought out a keyboard player and bassist to play tracks from the most recent album. Very nice indeed...!!!


  • battleaxed

    disappointed? i'm guessing when u saw them at glasto - with that massive crowd - they played tracks from their A&R and brothers albums. yeah i know man. i had a chance to see them last october but my pay day was a day after the show, haha. i could have borrowed money to see them but i was pretty sure they were on tour in support of the latest release. wasn't too excited bout it. might have been a bad decision on my part - seeing as the keys are my fav band of all time. although i will say that lately i've been coming around to the brothers album.

    12. Mär. 2011, 6:31
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